Chattanooga, Tennessee

I showed my DD 214 to the cashier, along with my drivers license and she refused to give the discount, I ask for the manager and he agreeded with her and refused the discount. I then went to Home Depot and made my purchase and received the discount.

Lowe's needs to quit their false advertising, they don't give discount's to veterans. Veterans need to patronize HOME DEPOT.

Lowe's offers discount's to the general public but refuses the veterans. Some companies have a weird perception of patronism and LOWES seems to be one of those companies and HOME DEPOT is the opposite.

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I am a veteran, I served 8 years in the military. I took my dd214 to lowes customer service. The man working there added it to "my lowes" and now I get 10% discount even with online sales.


Lowes only gives military discount if they feel like it. My hometown Lowes takes my DD214 no questions asked.

I come to Zepharhills Florida and refuse and said that's the way it is from corporate.

Lowes treats veterans like they are nobody. I will shop some place else even if its higher because they treat me right



You have to have a photo military ID. Anyone can go on the Internet and print off a DD214 and put their personal information into it and show their drivers license.

The DD214s are only accepted on certain holidays that are posted.


We give the discount to all veterans whether they show a DD214 or whatever as long as it shows they were in the military.


The store I work at is the same way. You have to have a military ID, not a DD-214. We have it clearly posted at all registers.


As Ron said, you need a military ID. Says it right on everything they advertise with a military discount.

As far as the creepo depot goes, I've known of retired vets who get sent away and told there is no military discount at all there. So, different places do military discounts differently at the store level.