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Lowe's advertises that they will install an appliance the next day. I am on day 8 and despite calling them several times I still do not have a date for the installation.

It's also odd that JD Powers gives them a great rating yet JD Powers doesn't allow you to give them any feedback about Lowes (or any company for that matter). Did Lowes pay JD Powers for this rating?

Both of these companies are liars and I will never do business with Lowes again nor will I ever pay any attention to JD Powers ratings. JD Powers is just another form of marketing that is bought and paid for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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I did read the fine print, I just went to the store, picked out a washer, and YES the associate verified that they had 3 in stock. I live 5 miles from the store.

They told me delivery would be August 12th, almost 3 weeks away! I asked about the free next day delivery and was told "that's never going to happen".

I can get the same washer for the same price from Home Depot, the only reason I went to Lowe's was for the next day delivery. False advertising!


The policy says clearly it's only for in stock items purchased in the store by 4pm.


Yep! I'm having an issue with Lowes delivery service.

Promise not kept. Still waiting till they figure out how to fix it! Totally unacceptable! Nobody even called me to notify me that they had an issue!

Anyway my washer/dryer never arrived on the promise date 7/10/15! Manager will call me on 7/11/15 unacceptable!

to see what can be done! I am so upset!


You should have read the fine print before wasting your time on this review. If you pay close attention to the signage that says "FREE Next Day Delivery", you will notice an asterisk at the end of the phrase.

Now, what this means, you can have your next day delivery if it is AVAILABLE.

Also, if you have an installation, that is scheduled through an installer (contracted), so take your complain to them. People like you give the good guys bad reputations.


It really is deceiving. There is no way I can deliver/install 30 appliances that were sold the day before in a 75 mile radius in under 14 hours.

If anyone is expecting 'next day delivery', it will be unlikely. Just be patient.


Why should we patient. We pay for a service now if you people lie, in order to have people pay and then

get the run around. You are the last point of contact so to bad.


I bought a refrigerator from Lowe's online in the middle of May. It wasn't supposed to be in stock for about a month (June 12 to be exact), which was not a problem, but I got an automated call several hours after ordering it telling me delivery was going to be the next day.

But the delivery people never showed up. I found out after calling Lowe's that, as their website stated, the refrigerator is not in stock.

So then, why did their delivery company call to tell me that it was going to be delivered?? I later found out from Lowe's that when an appliance is ordered online, the delivery company's computer system automatically calls the customer to tell them that it will be delivered the next day.

The delivery company never bothers to call back when they realize they won't be able to deliver. I have received at least five automated calls telling me delivery has been scheduled for the next day, but now I know to call Lowe's each time to find out if the refrigerator is actually in stock yet.

I have wasted hours on hold with the delivery company and Lowe's, and I still don't have my refrigerator. I'm sure it will be in stock around June 12, but in the meantime, I get a call from the delivery company every couple of days telling me they will be delivering the next day.

What kind of system is this??

@Unbelievable Ordeal

There is no "delivery company", there are lowe's employees that will deliver appliances when they come in. Delivery drivers have no control over when your appliance comes in, anyway. Instead of waiting on the "delivery company", you should have talked to an appliance associate.


You aren't even addressing the issue here - the main issue is their misleading automated calls.


I use to go to lowes. A week ago my mother bought a dryer.

They said they could not deliver till Tuesday. I asked that it arrive before 1. My mom has radiation at 2. No problem.

Well on Tuesday we get a call it will be around 1. I cancelled the order.

I bet some of the orders were made after we bought our dryer. Hello Home Depot


Lowe's does not give specific delivery times. That is why they give you the morning or afternoon slot.

Find a time, make sure you are home, and you can have your dryer.

It is impossible to set a specific time, because there is no way to determine how long any one delivery will take. Use common sense!


Do you really think Home Depot is any different? Having purchased appliances at both I can tell you they aren't.

No store that is making more than one delivery a day can guarantee an exact delivery time. There are far too many things that can pop up during the day that can set the schedule off.


Lowes only offers next day delivery on IN STOCK internet :) orders. I know because I deliver appliances for lowes


No because I just bought an in stock freezer and the soonest they said they could deliver is in a week


Ordered a GE refrigerator on July 8 2013. Lowes called on July 18 to schedule delivery. We scheduled for Monday, July 22 2013. After storing food in coolers, at noon I called Lowes and asked for an approximate delivery time. This was the point where I was told the refrigerator was at the store and not out for delivery. Having taken one day off of work, I was not about to take another!

I was told they might be able to get it here on Tuesday, but Wednesday or Thursday was more likely.

Went down to the store, got a refund for a $1600.00 refrigerator and service plan.

Also returned "My Lowes card" as I will NEVER shop with this company again! :( :( :(


I bought a refrigerator on Friday morning because mine died Thursday. They promised next day delivery and even called with a delivery time.

Hubby took all of the food out of the still cold refrigerator (frozen stuff at the neighbors) and took the doors off and the front door off to get it out. Lowe's calls at the maximum time they would be here and asks if it will be inconvenient to deliver the next day. I said yes..all of my food is out and waiting for you all to arrive and the door is off the house. He said ok..we will be there in two hours.

In two hours they call and say they aren't coming.

Over 200 dollars worth of food now ruined. I'm suing.


you all shoulda went to sears


Read their signs completely gang. It say "next Day Free Delivery see associate for details." Your not reading the signs completely.


There are always going to be limitations to every policy. If a store has 2 delivery trucks and 25 appliances are sold each day for 3 days, there is a limit to how many can be delivered and installed honoring the "next day guarantee." Managers prioritize the deliveries of customers whose refrigerators/freezers have quit over your dishwasher or dryer. The problem lies in the fact that consumers have become so insatiable that they feel the need to blow up over being "inconvenienced." Its a breath of fresh air when a customer actually understands that things happen and is willing to compromise without demanding compensation.


Bull *** with your compromise talk. Lowes makes a promise and when they do not follow through with their promise then to make it worse rarely convey information with the consumer makes them a bad seller. I think most people are willing to make some compromises if a store is going to be up front with them and COMMUNICATE with the buyer.