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Lowe's advertises that they will install an appliance the next day. I am on day 8 and despite calling them several times I still do not have a date for the installation.

It's also odd that JD Powers gives them a great rating yet JD Powers doesn't allow you to give them any feedback about Lowes (or any company for that matter). Did Lowes pay JD Powers for this rating?

Both of these companies are liars and I will never do business with Lowes again nor will I ever pay any attention to JD Powers ratings. JD Powers is just another form of marketing that is bought and paid for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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Bought a fridge on Saturday in Columbia, SC and ask for next day delivery and both the salesmen laughted. They said they could deliver on Thursday at the earliest.

I said your ad says next day free delivery and they said they had 1 driver and Thursday was as soon as I could get it.

Then they said I could pick it up myself but to call and give them 24 hours to get it to the front of the store for me to pick up. What happen to the buy by phone and pick up 20 minutes later promise??


It doesn't matter if an "ignorant" customer didn't read the fine print on next-day delivery - being given an "Oh. We don't know.

It'll get here when it gets here" for a week is unacceptable customer service.

They should at LEAST know what day the item will get to their store, the employees can put in the order while you stand there and immediately know which truck it will be on. I know this from experience.

And yes I AM writing this two years late, for those consumers who can still benefit from this post :)


Definitely a sham. I was purchasing gas stove, standing next to a sign that said next day delivery and hookup.

Salesman told me" By the way we don't hookup gas dryers" "OK". He printed out he ticket and told me it would be delivered in a week. I said what about the sign "next day delivery".

He said we don't have but one truck driver it will be a week. I told him to keep it, I won't need it in a week.


Maybe you guys just have very *** lowes where you live because I have never had a problem everything gets shipped when they say and everything. I love my lowes.

@Not all Lowes are bad. Sorry y

I have to agree here, if I ordered a garden hose over the phone and went to pick it up later in the day to be told it would be there in a week, I would be upset because it is just a garden hose. But if I'm buying a range or a fridge; something I will be using for years and years and years, what difference does it make if I get it today or a week from today.

I'm very loyal to my local Lowes because they are always friendly and are always willing to price match whatever discount, online only warehouse store price I can dig up for any given item. And no, I don't work there or even know anyone who does.


My wife and I purchased a washer/dryer set from Lowes last week and were told it would be delivered the next day.

I arranged to work from home that day with my company so I could be available to accept the delivery. We got 3 automated calls the night before delivery that the washer/dryer would be delivered the next day between 2pm and 4pm. Great! So I stay home from work the next day....9am rolls around and Lowes calls us saying the appliances aren't even in stock, never made it to the delivery company and won't be available until next week.

We are STILL waiting 1 week later for delivery. This will be the last time I EVER shop at Lowes.


I bought a refrigerator from Lowe's on 9/3/10. The salesgirl stated there were three in stock.

I was told they would deliver on 9/5 (well more than the 24 hours after purchase for DELIVERY, but whatever). So I get a call at 8:30 AM on Sunday 9/5, saying they'll deliver my fridge between 3 and 6 pm. I sit there from 1:30 to 7pm. No fridge, no calls, nothing (I had dinner plans I was late for because of this, and had to *** work).

I call today, 9/6, and am told they don't know what happened, but they'll call me back within a half hour. Three hours go by. I call back, only to simply be told they'll deliver it tomorrow 9/7 (that's what they said was in the comp, though my paperwork proves it was supposed to be on 9/5) and call in the morning to let me know when - no apologies, no explanations whatsoever. I told them I have to work tomorrow and already wasted one afternoon on them, so to make sure they schedule me for late afternoon (again)as it's the least inconvenient to me.

If it's not there tomorrow, I'm requesting a refund (or will call my CC company), and purchase from a locally owned business, which I should have done anyway, but didn't because I wanted the fridge right away. I went through *** with them a few years ago down south regarding a hot water heater, where they simply never showed up TWICE, but thought that was a one time problem, apparently not. Lowe's really needs to improve customer sercive, and seriously get it's act together.

I shouldn't have to *** work twice and not have calls returned (or made at all), and even worse with no apologies at all! CLEARLY the Lowe's employee who posted here needs to get THEIR facts straight, and obviously doesn't know what they are talking about, seems to be common there!


just purchased a washing machine, stove, refrigerater, and dishwasher on separate trips over the last three months. Each was delivered and installed within 24 hours. Guess I just got lucky>:)


Almost anyone who is going into Lowe's because of their "next day delivery" ads is also expecting installation. Lowe's knows that, and is counting on people coming into the store because of the "next day delivery" ads, and then buying anyway because they are already there.

That is a marketing ploy that closely borders on a sham. This is not the customers' fault, and Lowe's should know (and certainly does by now) that if they are going to pull that kind of ploy they are going to have angry people out there.


A few other things. I'm holding in my hand the Lowe's Appliance Buyers' Guide -- a pamphlet you can pick up at your local store which details the various options the consumer has when making a purchase. On the the first page of the guide (after the cover) they lay out in big bold leters the "Lowe's Appliance Advantage" promise:

* Guaranteed Low Price (match other stores)

* 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed -- repair, replace or refund if not happy in 30 days.

* Delivery... This is now a direct quote " Next-day local delivery + haul away + hookup. Any day you want it, 7 days a week. See an associate for details"

And this is where they get in trouble. The associate is supposed to tell you what does and does not apply. Mine didn't tell me a darn thing and their take is that I have to prove that to them. HA!

I didn't even mention that once I finally got the thing installed 5 days later, it broke down completely after 4 weeks. I have asked for a full refund but they are telling me that I would have to bring the dish washer to the store to get the refund. Either that or pay them to come uninstall it.


The exact same thing happened to me. I was told AFTER THE PURCHASE and missed delivery date that next day delivery doens't apply to anyhting but water heaters, which is nice to know, but completely in violation of the contract and all of the marketing materials they have plastered all over their store.

Go look yourself. See if you can find anything that tells you anything other than guiarnteed next day delivery and installation on all in-stock appliances. Their cop out is that the sales person is suppoed to tell you they don't really mean it, but my guy didn't tell me and I don't think it matters anyway.

It's in writing. He can say anything he wasts, it's what's in the contract that matters.


No where in any print,radio or t.v. ads does it state next day installation.

It simply states next day delivery on instock appliances. If you assumed there would be a service provided that wasnt,thats unfortunate.


"next day installation" is NOT a sham. I was promised delivery of refrigerator by a certain time and with a promise it would have a left-hand handle.

I tried calling the delivery people several times in the afternoon and when I fanally got someone, I was told, "they go home at 4:00" it was 4:15.

I was VERY annoyed since I was told the delivery date and had cleaned out my 'fridge and disconnected it. The dept manager and another employee delivered it at just around 5:00 with a right hand handle.


You are not telling the entire story. You are telling it so that you seem to be a victim.

In 95 per cent of these cases, the customer does not know what they are talking about.

Lowes does not do next day installations! They will deliver an INSTOCK appliance order the next day.

Get you facts straight.


Lowe's dosn't care. It's a fact!

Sounds like Lowe's PR making the above comment?????? :zzz


Lowes offers Next Day Delivery on In Stock Appliances. But are talking about Installation which is different The only Next Day Installation Lowes offers is on Water Heaters if purchased by noon. There has to be more to your story than this