Denver, Colorado
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We purchased a dryer on Thursday afternoon. We scheduled delivery for Friday morning between 8 and noon.

Guess what, they never showed. I called them back after the delivery window and made arrangements for delivery this morning. We setup a specific window, since we work nights. They still haven't made it to our place.

I called, they are "on their way." We are "the next delivery" (once they leave the store).

The store is only about 10 minutes away from hour house, and it has been well oevr an hour. Next time, I will bring my truck and take it home myself.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Then do it yourself and stop being a baby. MAYBE your NOT the most important customer in the world


Here is where it starts.. STORE MANAGER... he just kinda walks around and well... I'm not sure what he does..

If he listened to concerns, things would run better I guess... or maybe his managers would listen to their people.. assuming the STORE MANAGER sets the example of course... and if that works they would follow up on issues and fix them instead of thinking its not their problem and walk around like the store manager. Delivery can't do much if they have no support and they are not managed.

Or you could have a store manager who does try but his AREA HR likes to cover up everything because she doesn't want to look like she can't handle her job..

Keep on complaining... or just contact the Federal Trade Comm.... If you want change you have to take action!


regardng Lowes If you buy anything from Lowes check around for lower prices at Best buy,Sears and other stores( also internet prices) and Lowes will match their price plus give you 10% in addition off your bill. Also I have found if you have a problem with a Lowes store go to their internet website and file a complaint and It will be taken care of Guaranteed. hope this helps


"Guess what, they never showed. "

You don't sound very smart.


U need to keep in mind that there are other deliveries going on not just yours. There is a window for a reason.

You're right next time you get your truck and take it home yourself. Delivery is there for convience and if you are going to ***** about it don't use the service!

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