Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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This guy doesn't follow policy and has discriminated against others just so he can get his bonus for keeping the employee wages down. He puts people in places in the store who have no knowledge of the area just so he doesn't have to pay them more.

He fires all those who don't go along with any of his ideas and constantly uses the loss prevention cameras to spy on employees in the store and then sends his operations manager, Todd Phillips, who is more of a jack *** lying piecs of *** than he is to write them up. Joe uses fear tactics to try and scare his employees and has run all the true knowledgeable associates out of the store. Nobody can stand this young 29 year old ***. This guy needs to be terminated for flat out stupidity.

Not only that, he has hired nothing but very young people so he don't have to pay for expierenced people who could do the job 10 times more effecient. This guy doesn't care about his employees and his nick name is the hatchet because Lowe's corporate sends him from store to store across the country to cut employees to make the bottom line look better for the company. The funny thing is, no one in corporate cares.

Joe is even been involved in sexual harrassment but nothing has been done yet about it. It's all about corporate greed I guess.

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This guy Joe is no longer store manager of Lowes 1165 at Norman, Oklahoma. He finally got caught messing up and was demoted and sent to another store.

This guy was an arogant jack ***. What goes around, comes around and it bit him in the back side finally.

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