I recently posted a complaint about Lowe's management and their attitude when I purchased a riding lawn mower.

I am please to announce that not only were things resolved but the district manager agreed to sell me a self-propelled mower that sold for $269.00 for $ 134.50 to soothe the ruffled feathers for compensation for the aggravation caused by the store's management team.

I wrote to the district manager that if the store assistant manager had asked me instead of brushing me aside, I would have settled for 4 quarts of lawn mower oil, a spare spark plug and a spare air filter. But because the manager and assistant manager had attitudes, I said the *** with it.

Also, I only used the new riding mower for a total of LESS than 2 hours when it developed engine problems. I have used mowers over the years with Briggs-Stranton engines and never had any problems.

I called and talked to the saleman and told him my problem. He put in for an emergency exchange and arranged to have a new riding mower delivered the next day with the assistant manager's blessing. The new one is working like a charm.

I guess it does pay to talk to corporate and they get in touch with the district manager and alls well that ends well.

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