Albany, New York

I like working at Lowe's but what really makes me sad is the poor management and their lack of caring on important issues and then over emphasizing trivial matters. They will bend over backwards for customers but if you own your own company and just come in to shop at Lowe's just because you work their you get no service or customer service.

I find myself on days off when I'm in the store buying stuff answering questions getting pages and phone calls even though I am a customer at that time. I own a company that buys stuff from Lowe's and I am always enticed to shop there since I have a Lowe's AMEX and I get my discount but every time it ceases to amaze me I get hosed. I order windows and they come in with the wrong screens and I'm stuck because managers don't care and don't really want to help you. Then you don't want to complain to the specialist since you work with them.

Someone told me to call the care line but then it is like going over your managers head which will only put you under a microscope and probably get you fired. Funny thing is if you returned them it would be a nightmare but they would happily do it for any other customer. It's like a damned if I do and damned if I don't. I called the vendor and he was going to help me by sending people out.

I thought this was ridiculous because I had to call the guy I filed a service call but it's like I had to do it all myself on my day off since everyone played dumb, didn't want to help, or didn't care. Since their was another defect he said he'd send someone out and once he found out I worked for Lowe's he never called again and no one came out for a warranty call.

I recommend people that work for Lowe's not shop at the store they work at or even a store you know fellow employees at to actually get decent service. For windows I will never shop at Lowe's it is sad for me to say that since I work for Lowe's and have worked for them for 4 years.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Couple things... I agree that while you are an employee and have questions or problems with products it sucks...

It is uncomfortable trying to talk to a co-worker about their mistake and uncomfortable to talk to a manager about returning something. On the other hand, you should not be buying products for your business with your employee discount, it is for personal use only, and no your personal business doesn't count.

With the Lowe's Amex you get 5% off, not your 10%. You should have been told this before, and shame on your managers for not catching it and your fellow employees.for knowingly breaking the rules.


Yes there are people who work for Lowe's and are self employed also. Why would this be so hard to believe.

Some do it for the steady income and medical benefits. You be suprised how many Lowe's employees are self employed.


The managers just look at you like you are trash and they don't care since they Think they have 200 other people to hire and they don't know a thing! Don't Work For Lowes At All You will Be Sorry!!!!


You own your company and work for Lowes? Are you a "troll for Lowes"?

If this is indeed true, you are subject to immediate firing for violating company policy. Using your employee discount for monetary gain. Discount is to offset your low wages at Lowes. They call it a benefit.

Do you offer the products you buy at Lowes to your customers for the same discounted price you paid for them?

I bet not. End of story.