New York, New York
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For some reason, it is next to impossible to get anyone to answer the phone at this Lowe's location in Brooklyn. I wanted to order an expensive appliance from them and just called to see if it was in stock.

For several days, I couldn't get anyone to answer the phone in the appliance department or the managers office. I'm glad I took my business elsewhere because God forbide I ordered it and needed to call someone there for a problem.

This location is sorely lacking in customer service - try another or better yet, Home Depot or PC Richard.

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i wouldn't even call it 'customer service' because the service part doesn't exist. not only was it impossible to get a person on the phone, but even closer to impossible to get a manager to help you with ANYTHING.

i ordered an AC to be delivered, they forgot to call me to make an appointment so i called them. they assured me product was in stock. they call the night before to let me know the time window it should arrive. i stay home from work with the intention of going in late so someone would be home for it to be delivered only to get a call at noon (the delivery window was 9-1) telling me they were out of stock of the AC i ordered.

no apologies, no excuses, nothing. trying to fix the problem? forget it.

they could care less. terrible terrible communication and very poorly handled.