Tarboro, North Carolina

As a former employee of Lowe's I am disgusted with how they treat their African American employees. I am a Caucasian and could not believe how simple minded those in management were.

They walk around with their head up their butts and expect you to kiss it. Before they give anyone FT they hire Seasonal people, work the *** out of them and then dismiss them.

The employees are what makes that location but as for as the managers go they can kiss *** and pray they never get demoted. I suggest you spend your money in Rocky Mount or Greenville, or wait all day for an override.

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The lowes in Tarboro NC is the worst lowes store in the state, I have never seen such lazy employees or unqualified managers in any retail store .


We will miss you here at Lowes. Your feelings are somewhat normal for someone with no work ethic, as it is necessary for you to blame your employer for your lack of skill set and talent.

Sadly, your next employer will be the same, and you will continue to find wrong in every workplace you are in.

I assure you we all have opportunities, no matter the position, however, you are sitting in the wrong seat to be throwing stones. Your mindset is undermining others and vicitmized; change that and you may be happier with your next job.


That's why they are "seasonal" employees...not promised FT


Lowes no longer hires FT employees. Like any service block employer, they know "cheap labor" is everywhere. Average employment time for a new hire at Lowes is 90 days.


It's not just Lowe's, you find that in most work places today.

There are so many people out their looking for work they know you can be replaced within a day.