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We ordered expensive blinds on 8/17/17. We borrowed a sample book for $25 and were told it would be given back when we returned the book.

In typical Lowe's style, we had to fight for the refund as they said it was not on the sale slip and they did not want to refund that amount...don't remember what the amount was that they said. So from the Interior Home dept to the checkout the price changed and they can't find a record of anything. They were installed about 8 weeks later or so. All went well however the installer noticed on THE DAY HE INSTALLED them that two of the blinds were 4" too SHORT.

He photographed the blinds and reported this defect to the Home Department at the Poughkeepsie Lowes. The Poughkeepsie Lowes had from the day of installation until October 15th to address the issue the installer had made them aware of. His hope was that they would send new ones and he could install them before we moved in or soon after. No such luck.

Lowes did absolutly NOTHING. When we moved in on Oct 15 I shut the blind to find they were too short. I then called Lowes to notify them of this and no one mentioned that they already knew of this or that new ones had been made. The installer came back to fix a problem he had thought he had addressed weeks earlier.

He took new photos and resubmitted everything. Now we have to wait another number of weeks when this all could have been avoided. Why were they cut too short to start with? It clearly says how long they should be on the shade itself.

Who cut it and why did they not read the information? Unfortunately, this is typical of Lowe's; messes up the order, don't follow through and make the issue bigger than it needs to be while inconviencing the buyer and making them fed up with Lowes. At this point Lowes has a 100% mess up a custom rate. Lowes communication verbally and via their computer system is terrible.

Many of the staff complain of how antiquated the computer system is and how it's hard to correct thing and to operate it in general. Once I complain online, I usually get someone higher up who fixes the problems. Going in to the store is a frustrating experience that usually takes an hour per issue.

The help desk people are overwhelmed, not empathetic and tend not to fix things. The head managers will take over, make things right, give me a gift card to make up for all my wasted time and we are generally good again until a custom order is initiated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Blinds.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: send us the correct length of blinds, get the installer back out and finish the project and give me a $100 gift card.

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If you've shopped at Lowe's enough times to know what is "typical" and you are still frustrated then why don't you *** off and stop shopping there? It's that simple.


Not so simple. We live in the country so there are few stores close by.

In addition, all of these issues stem from one initial visit.

We had hoped that after the last fiasco, we were done with them, however months later, thing are still popping up. Thanks for reading our post.