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You might be wondering where all of the employees are when you walk into a Lowe's. They could be just wandering around talking with fellow employees or in their break room or on a computer in a training room playing "Lowe's Cup" on a computer set up for just that.

I seldom go into the break room as I am an employee or even take one of the two 15 minute breaks you're allowed each day. I don't even take a lunch break as I feel I can't get my work done if I stop. I don't mind at all though because I do enjoy working and I have one of the most physical jobs in the store, no, THE most physical job in the store. I was written up because I didn't take a lunch break and was talked to by the same assistant manager again just yesterday, Nov.

02, 2014, for not taking a lunch break last week. I think I'm going to take both my early and late 15 minute breaks and my entire hour for lunch and then when I'm supposed to get off I am OUT of there. Regardless of how much isn't finished. I do unload trailers that bring in our merchandise and it's funny how THAT particular job is "timed".

The only work in the store that is timed. I see people doing whatever they can to avoid work and that seems to be just fine with Lowe's but that ain't me. They actually want my crew to have a trailer unloaded in a certain amount of time. After we've unloaded it and take merchandise to departments, that merchandise might sit there for a day or two and in some cases even longer.

Why? Those people are probably visiting others in the store. And sometimes EVEN waiting on customers. I remember one employee telling me .."don't go down to plumbing, there are customers all over the place." I immediately went down to see if I could help.

Don't get me wrong there ARE some very good employees. When a manager has a morning meeting and concludes by saying, "go have fun", the majority want to do just that and the customer doesn't count as fun. So my question is "WHY time the unload when nothing else is timed", not even how long freight sits on an aisle. The store is extremely concerned with NOT going over 40 hours.

I'm a part time worker so I don't have much to worry about unless of course they call me in on a day off, which I don't mind but again, if I get to work and work till I'm completed all task and I didn't take a lunch break .... WHO CARES???? ... My not taking lunch breaks was never a concern until I got close to 40 hours and then "Why don't you take lunches?" was the question I got.

When I'm at home and outside working, I don't stop to eat lunch, it's just me.

Anyway, I do like my job BUT we'll see what happens in the future. Any questions you can reach me at ""

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It's the labor laws that require the lunch break. Lowes has to enforce the breaks required by law or be fined.

That is why you are written up when you don't take the required lunch. Where I work you'll get fired faster for not taking your lunch break or taking a short lunch than you will for being late to work.