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Lowe's and their warranty provider refuse to adhere to the extended warranty that I purchased. I purchased a Samsung True Convection 5 Burner Gas Range on November 30, 2016, this purchase included the extended warranty for this appliance.

On December 24, 2017 there was an odor similar to gas emanating from the oven portion of the range. I immediately called our gas provider (Duke Energy) for fear that there was a gas leak that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. A repair person from Duke inspecting the gas lines and deemed that the issue was coming from the oven not correctly burning the CO2 when the oven was lit. We were advised to not use the oven, but were given verbal guidance that it was safe to use the cook top.

We contacted Lowe's to ask about the extended warranty we purchased (we were 24 days outside of our 1 year manufacturer warranty), they agreed to send someone out to fix the oven on December 27, 2017. The next day was Christmas and with very limited options for feeding my family, we utilized the cook top. On December 27, 2017 a representative from the repair company rang my door bell. When I answered the door, my first thought was fear of letting this person in to my home.

He gave no credentials or name of who he worked for. This gentleman (I use this term very lightly) entered my kitchen, asked what the problem was, walked to the range, turned on the oven, turned off the oven, turned to me and said he does not know how to fix a gas leak. I explained that it was not a gas leak which was confirmed by the utility provider, but an issue with the oven not burning the CO2 correctly. He said he still doesn't know how to fix that and walked out the door.

This "repair person" gave no indication of what was wrong with the oven and I'm fairly certain it's impossible to give a diagnosis after 2 minutes of assessment. From this point, I still have no way of feeding my family of 5 except dining out or using my cook top. I make a call to Lowe's and I am told that the repair man deemed the warranty void because we used the cook top and caused further damage to the range. I am in total disbelief.

First, no diagnosis has been given for the oven (the cook top is not the issue). Second, how do they know further damage was caused by using the cook top when the unit was assessed in less than 2 minutes using no tools, etc. Also, I was told if I had not called Duke Energy to assess the problem (which I did only to keep my family safe) that the warranty would not be void because I would not have known to not use the oven. Yes, if I suspected a gas leak I should not have called the proper authority!

As of this moment, I have a little over a year old gas range that is not in use with no resolution in sight. I strongly feel Lowe's sells the extended warranty on appliances to collect extra cash from consumers, use a second party to service the extended warranty, and then work very hard to find any way possible to deem the warranty void.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Repair range, if unable to fix new range.

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