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Lowe's refuses to do simple water hose hook up for new refrigerator - basically does not complete refrigerator installation by leaving the waterline unattached, will not use the copper line currently available and do a simple shut off valve attachment - requires a plumber to complete the install. Wastes time of customer, does not complete the purchase installation, refuses to honor commitment of full installation.

Not an example of customer service to emulate. Might want to consider not outsourcing the final contact with the customer to a third party - creates poor communication or no feedback, requires second, third calls to the customer service dept at Lowe's and then the call center then puts you on hold to direct you to the store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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The problem here is communication. Lowe's is supposed to install appliances but if something is not up to today's code, they won't do it.

This means that if you have an older home that had older appliances hooked up and working when you bought the home, Lowe's will not install the new appliances if the older ones were not hooked up to today's standards. When I bought an old home eight years ago, there was a lot better communication. I did what I needed to do to make everything fit in it's space and prepared the area for installation. This was done with the advice and guidance of the salesperson.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of communication by salespersons today. If you tell them that the appliances are going into an older home, they should be advising you on the various preparations necessary before you order appliances and have them installed. This would avoid all the frustration of appliances not fitting into the space because of unknown factors regarding the measurement of the appliances and the possibility that your appliance may not be able to be hooked up if the home does not have the specific requirements. Regarding the refrigerator hookup, simply letting you know what Lowe's will and will not do ahead of time would have avoided the frustration of believing they were going to connect it and then being told you need to get a plumber.

Your employees may be laughing but the customer is not. Train your salespeople in appliances to better communicate with the customer, and you will avoid having frustrated and angry customers calling you with complaints.


Lets Clarify, This was a "Free Delivery" not an "Installation" as you claim. These were not "Third Party Contractors" They were Lowes Employees.

It is not their responsibility to do plumbing work at your home. If they were to connect your water line and it leaked Lowes would be responsible for any damage that occurred. It is a simple liability issue.

So either pay to have someone do the simple task of hooking up your water line, or man up and do it yourself. If you go to Lowes and talk to the Plumbing Pro there, I'm sure he can set you up with the knowledge and materials needed to do this 5 min task.


If the DELIVERY DRIVERS connected your plumbing and screwed up, you would run to Lowes demand they pay for everything because they weren't LICENCED PLUMBERS.......that's why hook up is additional labor...would you expect a car mechanic to perform medical surgery...NO!!! Stop whining


Their install guys are not licensed plumbers... local plumbing codes help you by not allowing delivery guys to do your plumbing.

If they install a shut off valve and connect it and it leaks, do you think your homeowners will cover the damage??

The obvious answer is no. Get a licensed plumber to install the valve and I'm sure he will connect it at no charge.


Actually it waste the time of Lowes Delivery Team. Now, once you get your plumbing up to code like it's suppose to be before they deliver the refrigerator, they will have to make another trip to finish the installation.

It is not the job of the delivery team to put in shut off valves, update your old plumbing etc.

You are suppose to have the plumbing up to code so they can hook up the waterline to the proper fitting/shut off valve before they deliver the appliance. You should have to work in the appliance department for one hour and see just how ridiculous your complaints sound from the employee's side.