Apple Valley, California
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My left shoulder and left arm were injured at the check out counter at the local Apple Valley, CA Lowe's Store. The left shoulder, that took the brunt of the falling box, never feels free of pain and prohibits some of my former range of motion.

I haven't been able to fully exercise or swing a golf club, which I could do before my accident at Lowe's. My insurance claims adjuster has been dragging her feet with my claim and realizes I am still in a lot of pain. The initial blow from the falling box onto my shoulder has never completely healed, after 8 months, and still bleeds after showering. The adjuster knows my lack of confidence in attorneys and has made settlement offers of $1200 and $2500 which is ridiculous.

Please help my situation. Thank you!

Suffering in Apple Valley

Reason of review: Injury in store.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Lowes Cons: Poor customer service, Attitude or customer service, Lack of response.

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"I haven't been able to swing a golf club,which I could do before my accident at Lowe's."

this says it all, 'SCAM'


I work at Lowes in New York and I can honestly say that out safety officer makes sure boxes aren't hanging over shelves they must be put up and are only allowed to the edge of the shelf. But I don't understand how you would be injured near the register because every Lowes iI have seen they are no shelf's near them.

I'm not defending them just cause I work there.

Because I know of a person that used the employee ladder with the chain across and fell then sued the store. And he won which is sad it just seems very fishy to me


Where exactly would a box fall from at a check out counter? Sounds bogus to me.