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First to explain, I head up a Contractor's Network through my church in Kennesaw, GA. We in the congregation take things such as integrity, honesty, and fidelity VERY seriously. Every wedding, baptism, and funeral is a community event and all of those who work with us are members of our church, or friends of members of our congregation of like faith and belief. The actions of a woman at the Lowe's location I will mention, and the action/inaction of the location AND corporate management afterward has ruined the reputation of this company for good.

One afternoon in mid to late February, an associate of mine and I visited Lowes #0615,10580 Duke Dr., in Alpharetta, GA to compare prices on materials for a major project my contractor network was to start within the next couple of weeks. Since this particular location was closest to one of the job sites (there are three sites in all for the same client), we went in to do our research.

As my associate went to cover a different department, I went directly to Commercial Services. I was met by Amanda - who WAS knowledgeable in what I was looking for. However, when I stated that we were there for comparative shopping and not to buy at that moment, she became quite irritated, pushy to secure and make the sale then and there, and very rude.

My associate finished his rounds and joined us as I was explaining (for the third time) that I was only there to gather information. It was then and there when Amanda leaned in and asked "What would it take to get you to secure your purchase here, today, and now? I'll do anything to ensure you both leave happy and with everything you'd both want as men." I excused myself and suggested that it was time to leave. As we walked away, I overheard this woman utter an expletive that was directly related to what she intended to do to secure the sale.

A few moments later, while we were in the parking lot, I answering a phone call and my associate looking up our next destination, Amanda made a point to drive her vehicle past us, wave an obscene hand gesture at us, then speed away.

A couple of days after, I tried phoning the store manager to file a formal complaint. I was left on hold for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then rudely asked for my phone number and what exactly the nature of the call was. After I gave the specifics, I was then hung up on and never heard back.

I then e-mailed Customer Service via the address on the Lowe's website. That was two weeks ago. I have since been asked to repeat my story THREE times to three different individuals and then asked to provide all sorts of unnecessary information that has nothing to do with my complaint.

It's obvious that, in spite of all the complaints online in dozens of sites such as this, that Lowe's doesn't care about customer satisfaction or the damage their employees are doing to a company with an already tarnished reputation.

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Alpharetta, Georgia, United States #916648

There isn't even anyone by the name Amanda employed at that store.


Now that's what I call employee commitment.

Are you reallllllyyyyyy sure it happened like that? Or, where the fires of *** barking at your door for learing a bit to much in her direction!

Or, perhaps you did a 'Jim Baker', and need to humiliate her because she refused your advances?

Very improbable.


I'm sure if the associate's name was Bob and he asked what would it take to close the sale, you would tell him about the fires of h e l l that await homosexuals.


Yes it is standard proceedure for people like amanda to suggest her body for a sale. It is part of the training in the retail model.

"If the customer is fact finding get rude then run out a jump in your car and fly them the bird while speeding" That was the first policy they make them sign.

Handed down by the head pimp and ceo of the south side. For being with a church you sure are a good story teller.


Your assumptions of Amandas are untrue. All she wanted to do was secure a sale.

If it meant giving you a discount, talking to the store manager to get a deal set up depending upon how much you were purchasing, etc.

She is there to do a job and nothing else. Get your mind out of the gutter and grow up.

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