Spring Valley, New York

We paid for Lowe's to deliver and install a new washer/dryer. The guy showed up and told me we didn't "buy" the necessary wire to install the dryer. So it has been sitting in our hallway for a week, since every time I call Lowe's I get rerouted until someone tells me that no one is there to take the call. Yay!

At the same time we asked someone to come out and retile our bathroom floor. We got a call telling us to come and pick up all the raw materials, since we are supposed to transport them all ourselves in our car??? My husband actually tried to do this, only to discover that ten bags of cement boards or whatever it is do not fit in our sedan. He did, however, trash the car, waste the entire afternoon, and break his back in the process. And we still don't have the materials so I guess we will never have a new bathroom floor! Thanks, Lowe's!

Third, I stopped by Lowe's to ask if they have any scrap wood I can use. They told me that they keep it in a trashcan, but I wasn't allowed to look in the trashcan. Furthermore, no one in the empty store (it was maybe 8 am) felt like getting me one piece of wood out of this wonderful trashcan. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, Lowe's!

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Really? Assosciates get prompted to sell a cord to you when they invoice your order, though it is possible that they overlooked it most likely you said that you wanted to use your old one...Old cord equals liability and Lowe's delivery services are directed to not use an old cord on a new machine. If you want to use the old cord yourself you're probably safe to do so, but you have to take personal responsibility.

As for your tile. Not only does Lowe's offer delivery services to your home, the deilvery drivers carry the product into your home. If that seemed to expensive for you, I'm sure that wrecking up a sedan (really, a sedan?) was a great money saver for you. Nevermind that Lowe's offers the hourly rental of a truck that would have also worked for your situation. Then again...why pay $20.00 to rent a truck when you can wreck your own car for free?

I hope you can look to see that a penny saved isn't always a penny earned.


I understand the first part of your complaint. but you're bi**ing over some wood that they wouldn't give you for free? come on.


so, why didn't you buy some wood? and, if you weren't able to haul the material and do the job, why not hire someone to do it for you?

here's your sign :p