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I purchased a Sam sung refrigerator on 5/30/10 (Memorial sale).(Sherman,TX) I paid $1,999.20 on sale. I was told it was in stock. My husband scheduled to pickup the refrigerator and was there on 6/2/10. He was told they only had one left in stock and they were holding it for someone and tried to talk him into waiting. They sold it to us due to stock available and if they didn't have one we would have purchased one on sale at Best Buy.

They offered to refund our money.. However, none of the other stores had theirs on sale. They didn't care and management tried to sale another brand. I purchased the Sam sung for a reason. They told my husband they would let him have the floor model and discounted it due to dents on one side and one on the top of door. The manager told my husband he could only discount $300.00 because of their cost in the refrig. Why would Lowe's accept damaged merchandise from it's vendors. I did "NOT" want the refrig with dents, however, we didn't have a refrig and my husband wasn't going to get the one in stock. I found additional dents on the bottom front door when he brought it home.

I spent a large sum to remodel my kitchen. I didn't purchase a damaged product and didn't want it in my kitchen. I didn't purchase it for a cabin it's for my home. Then when my husband brought it home and I found additional dents in the front door. I'm sick!! Lowe's is acting in "Bad Faith business practice". No integrity... They lied to me and my husband and I have spent thousands of dollars in Lowe's. I have remodeled my home, rental property and this is how they treat me. I don't want a damaged refrigerator,(at any price) I want a new one. I don't want it at a discount...Buyer BEWARE! They will tell you anything to get your purchase and after the sale your on your owe.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Lowes had about $1000 in the refrig in question. Discounting denting is nothing new.

If you seen how they were handled, you would know why.

I have bought an $1800 refrig from Lowes for $900 in the past. It was a returned SOS.


Lowe's made it right. They found a new Sam Sung refigerator and delivered and picked up the floor model. :) They told me they wanted to make me happy and would do what ever it took.


I can almost to some tiny degree sympathize with you about how they didn't have your item in stock after you paid for it. I can't imagine you couldn't have waited until it was in stock or go to another Lowes though.

If your husband bought a damaged floor model than that's his fault.

They didn't receive it damaged from the vendor, it was damaged sitting out on the floor with people walking up and kicking it for giggles. Knowing you have it now, I regret not kicking it myself.


What you get for your money at Lowe's isn't worth the trouble. No Cusotmer Service. Take your business to someone who cares.


I recommend if you are thinking of purchasing gift cards for business,friends etc. Do them a favor ... give them cash or Home Depot