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Hi - our family is involved in a huge lawsuit with Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse. To see our story about an installation that caused us to have to move from our home for 14 months and that made our family sick.... go to

I am shocked at what we have gone through and they recently subpoenaed our FaceBook Records... in our opinion it is a bullying tactic. This has now been going on for 3 years. The beginning tells it all... I reported our problem to Lowe's and they only turned it in to their insurance after I complained to the Better Business Bureau 2 MONTHS later! I hope no one gets stuck in the same position we are. Please go to our site. Thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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I'm surprised lowes didn't fix the issue for you. I work for lowes as a kitchen designer and anytime an issue occurs they take care of it and will pay for the redo and give money back. Now lowes CEO is laying of tens of thousands of employees because of all the lawsuits.


I have asthma and my kids now have allergies to mold from a bad roof install back in 2011. I have been fighting them 6.5 years.

Advanced engineering said Lowe's waso 100% responsible and Classic construction hired by Lowe's after they admitted guilt said they house was too damaged by black mold to repair and must come down.

I was forced to live in my back yard with two little boys in a tiny 19 foot camper going on our second Christmas without room for a tree. I am still today fighting with everything I have to those low life bastards!


I am currently locked in 8 month battle with them over a door installation that has caused mositure to get under the flooring and mold


Been there, Done that. My lawsuit was different.

I was injuried by a product, that they had damaged, while in storage. The lawsuit was in the court system for six yrs. At trial they had over 6 layers in the court room. That about all I can say.

They will come after my family. If I say to much. No joke.

That what the lawyer told me. Check out



Hi Bill - the reason I started the website after the Facebook Subpoena... apparently you chose to make a comment without reading the case.


You have your own website regarding your litigation case against Lowes and you're surprised that they would subpoena your facebook information? Geez.....