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You all lie and are now trying to bait and switch me to this sell me CRAFTSMAN 600 24-in Two-stage Gas Snow Blower Self-propelled

I order a Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 24-in Two-stage Gas Snow Blower Self-propelled go a notice it was going to be delivered on 12/06/2018

But you Lowe’s don’t have it !!!!!! You all put it on sale for a GREAT PRICE and now you won’t produce it ??? and now switching to a lower brand ???

This is no way to run a business – You’re NOT SEARS ???

I always shopped a Lowe’s – I use to live in Charlotte NC from the 70’s to the 2015 Now you have Lowe’s up here…

But I will not step into any Lowe’s after being LIED TO and I will tell my friends about how I was baited and switch..

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: I was lied to in a bait and switched.

Lowes Pros: Troy-bilt storm 2410 24-in two-stage gas snow blower, Website pricing.

Lowes Cons: Bait and switch.

  • Bait And Switched
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same as the other anon's. they could've just cancelled your order since they were sold out.

at least they offered a comparable product (which they come from the SAME manufacturer) and match the price. which is like a difference of $200!

you know how much money they lost? yet still, they did that to satisfy customers


Did they offer you the Craftsman at the same price as the Troy-Built?


They may have run out of the troy built snowblowers are are offering the Craftsman as an alternative. Both snowblowers are made by the same company, MTD.

The specs look similar except the Craftsman has a larger engine. Seems like their offer is not unreasonable.