Zelienople, Pennsylvania

Lowes Home Improvement charged me a $25 late fee claiming my payment arrived one day late. I pay all my bills electronically via my bank.

I'd arrenged for the Lowes payment to go out on Jan 16 since it was due on Jan 20. The bank confirmed the payment was transmitted Jan 16 at 1PM. They also said recipients receive payments the day they're sent, but may not process them immediately. I then called Lowes and was told the payment was late by one day.

I asked how that could happen given the payment went out days earlier.

They had no explanation, but deleted the late fee because of my clean record. Had I not complained, I would have paid an unwarranted charge.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Lowes didn't charge you anything. The credit company that issues the card with Lowes name on it charged you a late charge.

Why aren't you complaining about them rather than Lowes? Doesn't seem like you know who you are doing business with.


Payment sent after noon on a Friday. Then Saturday and Sunday don't count.

Monday the 19th was a holiday (MLK).

So really they didn't receive your payment until the 20th and processed it on the 21st, making it late.