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First of all I would just like to say WHATS WRONG WITH THIS STORE? My husband and i just had a garage fire this past February and needed to rebuild the old one.

a friend of mine said Lowe's was a great place to get packages like that and that he would help me pick it out since i had no idea what i was doing. we order the package and the day that my husband paid for the package we made sure that we were using our mailing address our phone number and our names. They told us the earliest that they could deliver the whole package in two days but he wanted us to wait a week because they had a fun rasier with pontiac. said that's fine just make sure all is delivered at once.

ROD (the man helping us) said ok. the delivery day: they call my friend that helped us put the package together and only dropped off 1/4 of supplies. two weeks later they deliver the tresses to a home in ponitac with the garage door to a different location. They also keep contacting the wrong person.

Two weeks after that i had to call the store and ask them where my shingles and siding was at. the person that i spoke to told me that they are not ready. and when i finally received all of the supplies the wood was warped, the siding was FOUR different colors, they forgot items, they put items in the package that we told them we DIDNT want. I had to make four to five phones calls a week just to make sure i received the correct items to the correct place.

the assistant manager was a *** (CHAD) and tole me everything was MY FAULT for having someone help me pick out the package. not only did i LOSE money building this garage because the team that i hired to build it i paid by the day and half the time Lowe's didnt show up with the supplies or just didnt bring the right stuff. I had to return more than $600 dollars of supplies that i told ROD that i DID NOT want and when i asked Chad for something for all of this hassle that ROD had put me through (order being totally wrong, delivering to wrong places, late deliveries, over charging) Chad told me that it was all my fault for having a friend pick out the package. Mind you that we gave Rod a blueprint with all the supplies that we wanted to order and the colors.

We also showed Rod the color of the house and even brought in samples of the siding and shingles off of the house so he could get the correct colors. I will NEVER buy from lowe's again. they are rude and really dont know what they are doing there.

I lost way too much money, time, and it took two months to build my 24x30 garage. please dont waste your time with this company,

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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