San Diego, California

enough said . .

. *** customer service, customer service reps who talk like they know everything but obviously don't. I ordered a corian counter top & custom cabinets. The cabinets are beautiful but the sales rep neglected to tell me I need scribe & kick plates.

OK, just another 2 weeks wait for that! The corian became a nightmare when 3 days before it was to be installed, a Lowe's rep called & said it was going to cost $360 more because they underestimated the square footage. (What a great way to make your customers happy, "it's only gonna cost you $360 more." I questioned that estimate, & while on the phone he came up with another estimated sq ft.

Needless to say, since March 19th I've been dealing with a few *** at Lowe's Blows. Avoid that place & save yourself alot of headache!

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Yeah the same thing happened to me, but I knew it could. I signed a paper stating that "this contract is just an estimate and final cost will be determined after the feild template is complete".

You signed that paper, correct? Its unfortunate that you are bashing Lowes for something you failed to read, there is no weight to your claims that you were dealing with *** I wouldnt make a practice of signing things without reading them.


Yeah, you sound like one of those "5 figure bonus" *** at Lowe's Blows! You are another good reason not to go there, upper management who can't spell probably doesn't much give a *** about anything except that big paycheck.

Give us a break, you can't possibly be in any sort of management position with that poor spelling! (Except at Lowe's Blow perhaps?)


Lowes is a very reputable company, if you are unhappy with your serice, contact an a memer of upper management and voice your converns. There is no need to badger a company over on un-knowing employee. Thank you for your business, and getting me my 5 figure bonus :)

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