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In Aug 07 I purchased a Whirlpool Washer from Lowe's with a $159 Extended Proctection Plan. The paint is peeling off.

The Lowe's service technician and a customer representative from Lowe's Service Advantage both said it was misapplication by the manufacturer, which is covered under our contract (please reference Lowe's EPP contract). However, Lowe's is denying repair of the item, which seems to be their policy from talking with a few of their local employees. WARNING! DO NOT purchase an protection plan from Lowe's.

You should purchase it directly from the manufacturer. I attempted to file a smail claim; however, the filing costs were going to be over $100.

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I swear these customers think they know everything. They just want to get a cheap repair for something they failed to maintain.

As a corporate representative I have seen my share of these false claims.

All they do is waste our time. Sometimes I wish customers would just shut up and be happy that we sold them a decent product.


is ther a pdf file available for

Lowe's Extended Protection Plan # AP00030294 brochure


1.) First of all if you read your epp you should notice that the coverage does not even start untill AFTER the first year, so even if it was a convered failure (which it's not but we'll get to that momentairly) there would be nothing that Lowes Service Advantage could do since your warranty is currently being provided by Whirlpool.

2.) You your self quoted from the terms and conditions "These plans do not cover...Cosmetic Damage and problems due to improper and/or non-factory authorized installation or repairs"

Paint is cosmetic in nature as it does NOT effect the use of your unit.

3.) Feel free to take the advice of the *** Noname if you truly wish to waste your time, as the corporate offices are going to tell you the same thing that the reps do.

4.) If you really are unhappy with your epp, since your purchase is less than 90 days old..... return it and get your money back.

Please make sure you know what your talking about before you publicly make an *** of yourself next time.


Lowe's Extended Protection Plan # AP00030294

Paragraph Three: Availability Of Services

"These plans cover MANUFACTURER'S DEFECTS in material and WORKMANSHIP that are the result of NORMAL USEAGE"

i.e. a manufacturer improperly applying paint

Paragraph Seventeen: General Exclusions

"These plans do not cover...Cosmetic Damage and problems due to improper and/or non-factory authorized installation or repairs"

Lowe's installed my washing machine, and no repairs have been made. The comment by "you people are idiots" is exactly what the cheif supervisor for Lowe's Service Advantage stated; however, their claim obviously does not match the documentation. How these people hold such a professional, corporate position with the largest home improvement product supplier is beyond me!


it clearly states in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS that you agreed to when purchasing the warranty that COSMETIC Damage hence paint is not covered because it doesn't affect the products performance. Read your *** terms and conditions you *** *** And get some cheese with the wine since your Whining about something your WRONG about.


Lowes is definately a scam!They have done the same with me. I had laminate flooring installed in my home and it is warping from the moment it was installed. They are thinking of every excuse not to replace it although it is under a 30yr warranty.huh!30 seconds is more like it.Im just a bother to them now.They took my money and thats that.


I did contact the corporate office. They said they stand by the suggestion of their Lowe's Service Advantage company.

They really dug thier heels in on this one for some reason. You think after I paid $159 for the plan that they would complete a $50 repair.


Threaten to call the Corporate Office or keep complaining until someone does something.