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I just had my Lowe's Card canceled?? I had a perfect account with them.

All of my accounts are good and on time. But because I have been having problems with( 1 )card company for the last couple of years Lowe's canceled my card. The other card keeps screwing/making *** mistakes with my account in their favor. Fix it one month and do it again the next month.

I'm tired of all the *** $h*t. Why should Lowe's treat me bad? I had a small card at first, Then Lowe's raised my limit to over $10,000 which I had them lower because I didn't want so much open credit. Funny thing is Home Depot likes my business Alot.

It would have been nice if they just left my card alone and maybe I would have been in the store more.

Maybe someone from Lowe's will read this and take better care of what customers they still have. I guess I won't be getting that $1300 shed this Labor Day, will I?

On a good note, I did like the $1000+ I spent on the bar-b-que I bought from them. I think I will go pay off that $300 I owe them.

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Used my card as we flip homes always paid bill on time and when we sell we pay both cards off in full they immediately close both accounts we will never shop there again this is bad business practice


Oh by the way I still have my Home Depot credit card.


Lowe’s just cancelled my credit card also. Because my credit score went down because of the usage.

I pay all my credit cards on time, including Lowe’s. I’m contacting my lawyer tomorrow to find out if this is legal and if there’s a clause.

I think it’s funny because now these idiots are losing money by canceling it, due to a very high interest rates. Not very good business if u ask me.


Lowes didn't cancel your credit card. They can't cancel a card they didn't issue.

Take a look at your bill and see what credit company issued your card. Complain about the credit company if you feel you need to complain about someone. If you would ever bother reading the entire application you fill out when you apply for the card you will find that they tell you that they check your credit from time to time and may make adjustments to your available credit.

Your available credit may go up, down or be canceled totally depending on your credit rating. It isn't their fault you have over used your credit cards and owe more than the credit company feels you can afford.


Did the same thing to me. I have a 500 limit and never used more than about $250.

I go to lowes to use it for a $14 purchase and I am told that My card is invalid. the first thing I think is that someone stole my account info and ran up my balance. nope. my balance was around 140ish.

so lowes/GE canceled a card that was in good standing because of a fight I am having with Wells Fargo auto. guess what.

I paid the remaining balance and started going to Home Depot instead. they seem to do better treating their long time customers like we want to be treated

@James P

Only having a $500 limit would indicate your credit wasn't stellar to begin with. Adding a problem with another creditor would indicate to the credit company that issues the Lowes card that you may be a risk they no longer wish to take. Keep in mind neither Lowes or Home Depot has nothing to do with what the companies that issue their cards do with your credit limits.


True it's GE Money, but Lowes chooses them to handle their credit cards. Until they switch to another servicer, I will not be doing business with Lowes.


Umm you don't need to be mad at Lowe's it's not THEIR CREDIT... be mad at GE MONEY BANK...

they are one of the biggest creditors and they like to mess with your credit cards and limits... one small mistake with another credit company and they will do whatever to protect themselves from you.