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We purchased new wall-to-wall carpeting at Lowe's Alexandria, VA, store. The installers were punctual and courteous June 8.

But they ran out of carpeting and left the staircase – the main entry to our home – with wooden strips with rusty carpet nails sticking up. Both my wife and I have gotten stuck in the toes! We cannot use the main entrance, and have had to cancel social events and visits from our grandchildren. The store tells us the carpet vendor did not ship enough carpet and their carpeting person failed to check the shipment against the order.

We purchased at Lowes precisely to avoid this kind of hassle, and made it clear from the onset that we wanted to job finished in one day with no glitches or nonsense.

What a mess! And No response from a complaint to Customer Care at Lowe's HQ or the manager of the local store.

Mike W.

Falls Church, VA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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