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This experience has taught me that Lowe's not only sells *** products, but they do all they can to HIDE that fact from other customers.

I bought a rocking chair from Lowe's, and it was ***. So I went online to post a helpful review so that other innocent consumers would not be victimized by Lowe's *** buying decisions. The rocking chair was LOW QUALITY and DANGEROUS. I included photos I took of the chair in my review and posted it to their website. They rejected my review because I said "you should buy a quality rocker from a place like Frontgate instead". Their rejection said I was rejected because I mentioned a competitor's name. So I re-submitted the review by taking out the name of the competitor. They rejected it AGAIN, this time saying the following:

"Your opinion on Black Slat Porch Rocker is important to us and the Lowes.com community.

Unfortunately, we cannot post your review because it contains one or more of the following types of unsuitable content:

Critical comments not related to the product being reviewed

Obscenities, discriminatory language or other language not suitable for a public forum

Advertisements, spam content or references to other products, promotions or competitor websites

Email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, physical addresses or other forms of contact information

We encourage you to resubmit your review after reading through our guidelines. Thank you for being an active member of the Lowes.com community."

My review did NOT violate their policies and did not violate any of the things listed above. It was a VERY honest, polite, and helpful review.

What Lowe's is doing is CENSORING valuable feedback from its customers, EVEN THOUGH IT CLAIMS TO WANT HONEST FEEDBACK. This rocker was ***. (Although I did not use that word, or any other obscenity, in my review).

LOWE's sells *** products and CENSORS honest and fair reviews, which is tantamount to LYING to its customers about the quality of its products.

I know what they did on this product, and it's shameful. I have to assume this is their standard operating procedure. This is the way they deal with their customers - by withholding valuable, honest, accurate feedback that could save innocent customers from being ripped off, or even injured by a *** product.

Shame on Lowe's!!

Here is my review. You decide - was this review "obscene" or unfair?:

"I thought I was the smartest guy on the block when I found these at Lowe's for $88 - because they looked like the high quality chairs you see at high end catalogs but for one-third the price. So I bought two of them, and I was just amazed at the low quality. First, the runner broke right off when I was putting it on. I have other rockers so I know how to do this, and I'm a handy man - it shouldn't have broken. So I was more careful with the second one, but it split too. They just use cheap wood. It's made in China, so maybe they don't even know what wood it is.

Second, it's just not well made - although it looks handsome enough, the back is totally straight and not at all contoured, and same with the seat. It doesn't have a good "angle" when you sit in it, and it doesn't rock well. So at a distance, it looks fine. But if you actually plan to sit on them, forget about it. Spend some more money and get something of quality."

Monetary Loss: $88.

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You can’t put competitor name in ANY review. You can hint at it like, “I bought an orange version at a big box store,” if talking about a power tool from Home Depot.

It’s been that way since I can remember.

Sorry your chair sucked. Write a review without a name.


Same here - Lowes rejects any bad review with a message stating: "Something went wrong on our end. Please try again in a little while." I think they mean "Please try Home Depot instead."


Just did a negative review on the Lowes website. I got an email to verify my review.

I got an email saying someone commented on my review and to click if I want to read it. When I click it, my review is not there.

When I tried to add it back in I get "Something went wrong on our end. Please try again in a little while."


I just tried leaving a review and got the same message. Was just trying to let people know that the 70DBA noise rating on a compressor was not accurate.

It is really 80DBA.

If I had mentioned that it was super quiet it most likely would have been accepted. I will now consider all reviews to be fake on Lowes.


I get that message when I use the Safari browser to post a review. It could be your browser.


They censored my reviews on their installation process of a sink and then refused to tell me why.


I just posted a review of an LG dishwasher ($700.00 ) which was a piece of junk and they definitely censored my review. I will NEVER buy another LG product for any of my residential properties and will tell all my friends and family not to purchase LG products. They are junk!!!


Same situation -- gave a fairly positive review but the Lowes censors rejected it with no indication of why. I sent a complaint to Lowes corporate and they said "not our problem, we contract it out". I told them that was fine, but all things being equal I will now take my business to Home Depot.


I have also experienced and proven this about Lowe's. I can review multiple items one day..

some positive and some negative.. Only the positives will be "approved" and the negatives would never get posted.

Don't believe me.. try it and you will see.


Yes, Lowes definitely does only post positive reviews of their products. I based my purchased on a gas edger from reviews on their web site. When I got it home, it ran very rough and then would not start. My gut feeling said to read non-lowes.com web reviews. Sure enough, lots and lots and lots of unhappy customers who purchased this specific gas edger.

I posted a negative product review on lowes.com and they conveniently rejected it without basis. Sure they made up excuses as to why they did not post, but their points were baseless. Now I am on their email SPAM list. Good thing I can permanently ban their emails from my server. Geez.

I see that I am not the only one that has fallen for their shenanigans.

I would like to say that I will never buy from them again, but in my case, it is like a necessary evil when I need something quick. Oh well. I just have to accept this Evil Corp practices. lol

Hopefully my posting here may help a fellow human being.

Best Regards,

Kenneth Jarvis


I'm having the same problem however I bought 4 of them! Any ideas on how to repair as they are all broken!


I've had the same experience. I tried to review things helpfully and honestly.

Submitted a bad review for a bad product at Lowes.com and it too was censsored without violating any of their unsuitable content provisions. Guys from now on, I'll research products, making me more likely to buy, from homedepot.com.


Home Depot is just as bad as Lowes. I bought a Chamberlain garage door opener at Home Depot that gave me problems, so I submitted a negative review that didn't violate any of their criteria.

They rejected it. I revised it and they rejected it again. I even called their corporate headquarters to complain. They just blew me off!

So I submitted the original review to Amazon and they accepted it. I'm currently having a similar episode with Northern Tool + Equipment from whom I bought a heater that had a defective mounting bracket.


I have had similar experience with Lowes reviews, only good ones seem to make it though. I have not had the issues with Home Depot reviews unless I have used inappropriate language or referred to another product that is similar.

When I have written poor reviews I have had HD and the supplier contact me on three occasions. (I am also a Home Depot Seeds reviewer, so for the products I receive through that program I have also received excellent support if there were any issues). For products I purchase I have received feedback when there is an issue or I just return it and write an appropriate review.

One of the product that sticks out is a gas can that I purchased.

It was *** and wrote a poor review. I returned it eventually.

But I was contacted my HD and they asked what was the issue and I explained it and told them what I replaced it with. Unfortunately HD still sells the same gas can and the reviews show it's a POS.


Thanks for your post. Just spent an hour giving what I thought was a useful review on a new Samsung washer, but the online form kept saying I had objectionable text.

Not sure who's online censor software they are using, but it doesn't tell you which words are flagged. After spending 20 more minutes rewriting any possibly offensive word I still can't upload. Guess buyer beware on Lowes that only short sweet reviews are allowed.

Sad to say Amazon still has the best review site in town. Shame on Lowes for not allowing more freedom of speech or a review process!


I am interested in purchasing a dishwasher. For each model I look at Lowe's reviews and at Amazon reviews. No problems with whatever model on Lowe's; Amazon tells a different story.


I too have written what I thought were honest and useful reviews on products such as a Samsung refridgerator and Porter Cable Impact Driver at Lowes. Because they seemed somewhat critical, they were denied.

I wrote to Lowe's CEO re the practice and pointed out it was bad business, using Amazon as the poster child of how a business should be run. That was two years ago and I received an apology from Lowes and they reversed their decision re the Samsung frige. But, they obviously have not changed their deceptive practices.

They are also sneaky about bait and switch scemes. When I pointed that out on one of their products, they of course denied that review as well.

Subsequently, I avoid shopping at Lowes; I just don't trust them.


Same here. I ordered online, said it would take two weeks.

Aftre the two week I called and learned the item was on backorder and would take another week or two so I cancelled. I guess I upset Lowes when I attempt to tell others "buyer beware" and that I went to another site and had it delivered in two days.


I did a negative review of a coffee maker (3 of the same model failed in 2 days). That review was rejected and it did not violate their terms of service in any way.

Lowe's was good on doing the multiple returns, but their online service has been horrible and their apparent censorship is alarming and frustrating.