Shallotte, North Carolina
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I have worked in your southport store for a number of years and HATE IT. you try and tell us we don't deserve breaks and the cashiers can't sit down on stools without a doctor's note.

We are so unterstaffed its not even funny. Your customers are *** who treat us like *** but YOU are the ones responsible for our discomfort. You turn the heat on in the summer and the air conditioner in the winter to save your *** big bucks. I'd like to shove a plant with thorns up your butts yes i would.

You and your *** customers SUCK ***. Yeah,try and find me ***.

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Ladies, you're right. Unfortunately this is going on everywhere, in some places worst than others, but seems to be present at some dregree in all sorts of business.

If the associates are treated bad the customer is treated worst, just obvious.

Talking to the boss or going beyond is the answer, or no one will have a job when the doors shut. When it stops being fun its time to move on.


If you think that's bad just think about you not being able to go out of the store for your break since the managers think they will need you. Worst place is in the Spokane Dist. since I heard they are all old eagle people and are worry about their jobs.


Why hide your feelings? I work at Walmart and stand on my feet all day on a concrete floor.

You are due your breaks, but that is for a judge to enforce. Why not sue instead of writing here?

No one here can do anything about it. YOU can.

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