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So, as of today 6/10/2019 Lowe’s has apparently changed the military discount program. No longer is it valid on online purchases (in store only now), and restrictions appear to have been added to sale and clearance items.

After years of Lowe’s improving their program, I started shopping there over Home Depot. However, now with them reverting back to a system that is difficult to use and only applies to some purchases, I will be returning to Home Depot. As I understand, although Home Depot is also in store only, I do not believe their are any restrictions on sale items being discounted. As a disabled vet, I always liked that I could purchase online & if I couldn’t pick it up, someone else could.

However, it appears Lowe’s no longer wants to give vets a break. Not sure how makes sense for Lowe’s but, Home Depot will be benefiting from their choice.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Just found out about this as I checked a receipt. Then looked up comments.

In the past I would see that with the 10% Lowes was less than Amazon. Now it may not be and it is not worth the drive to find out there is no discount and Amazon is in fact less expensive, especially with an Amazon Prime Credit Card.


My daughter just went to purchase a refrigerator. It was on sale, so she couldn't use her Military Discount?


If there's a 10% Military Discount, then honor it, at whatever price the product is going out the door for. These petty restrictions, make no sense, and quite frankly, *** a veteran off more, than if you just didn't offer it.


I read the 6/10/19 comment when attempting to apply my military discount online and wasn't able to. I did call and spoke with someone in Customer Service and they told me that the discount is applied when you visit customer service when picking up the order.

Apparently, the credit card isn't charged until you pick up the order. I was happy to hear that.


Lowes continues to give the Military/Veteran discount and does it for in store and online purchases. I've been using and getting mine the whole time.

They did have it in store only until a couple years ago and they included online purchases. Lowes is head and shoulders above home depot on their view toward veterans.


Every time I go into my Lowes stores the clerk asks me for my "My Lowes card". Once I give it them They cannot find my name or other personal information.

I find that very strange. Why, because sometimes they can dig up my information very easily and sometimes not? Do I need a new Lowes card or what?

If I go into the lowes store what must I tell the clerks or management team? Do I need your help?


I am looking to purchase my new appliances at HD.


The former ceo at homedepot that created price discount difficulties for veterans became the ceo of Lowe’s in 2019, according to employees at Lowe’s. An example of one way to deny a military discount is as follows: a price reduction from $338 to $299 on a Chamberlain garage door opener to being the price in line its other retailers.

At checkout, the military discount was denied do to the already applied discount. As the previous poster stated they will be going back to homedepot, I will be as well.


So how much military discount does Home Depot give? None.


Home Depot still offers the military discount


As a Vietnam Vet I relied on the ease of using my Military Discount. Now it is a hassle to do, and the cashiers are rude often when you tell them you have one.

No you can't even use it in conjunction with your Lowe's Credit Card.

Menard's has a new customer, me. Hey Marvin, stop fixing what's not broken


Lowes ceo has realy messed up lowes military discount, is was fine the way it was.sears change thir policy and they are all but out of buisseness. look liki=e lowes is heading same way,after all same people shoes at botth store


They must have to pay their new screening company, since yo have to re-enroll over again all of the time.


You ant sign up in the stor, and on line you just get a big blank white screen when it is time for step 2. It is impossible to accomplish. How disrespectful.


you only want my money if i buy things not on sale


Dear Veteran, I am also a Veteran and I found out the hard way that "No" Lowes will not honor the military discount on sale items and certain other items as well! I agree with you in that I will go back to shopping at Home Depot.

I have never, ever had a problem applying the military discount to any item at Home Depot to include sales items.

I also notice Lowes will only apply the discount to "1" item per receipt! Home Depot will discount every item you purchase!


It is people like you that give veterans a bad name. Most veterans serve to defend their country and do not care about discounts.

@Fleeta Pqu

Are you a veteran? Do you understand that there are many disabled veterans that rely on that discount because they are on a fixed income?


They have always given me a discount on all items unless sale.


Lowes has lost their way regarding their Military Discount Program. I spend $$$ a year at Lowes, however, I will revert my purchases back to Home Depot.........


i also will not shop at lowes i have spent $50,000.00 in the last 5 years the people are great but corp. says they like military if you don't buy sale items then you are the same as a draft doger

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