Los Angeles, California

Their cashiers have got to be the most surly, morose, sad, sorry individuals I have dealt with in the entire cities of Riverside and Corona, Ca. Worse than the DMV or the IRS, if you can imagine . I only notice it there and no where else.

Most businesses value their customers and train their employees in common courtesy, but not at this store. I would really be surprised if no one else notices and says nothing. I have dealt with the public before and know what it entails. Nice customers were a real joy, I sure didn't treat them like bums.

If a Home Depot were closer, I would driver all the way around the block so I don't even have to look at the place. Thanks for letting me vent. Jim.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Haha, oh yes, Lowe's cashiers are extremely surly.

Thats why my 5'3, 125 lb. self is a customer loading queen.

Get a life. It's people like you that make me hate going to work.

Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia #13895

Here I fixed your complaint for you:

Lowe's CUSTOMERS have got to be the most surly, morose, sad, sorry individuals I have dealt with in the...

Lovettsville, Virginia, United States #10624

Their cashiers are surly?

Wow...is this near Venice Beach? Do the children of Hulk Hogan work here? I'm not sure if you know the meaning of the words you've used here.

Cashiers are a hard breed to hire. They usually get paid low wages, and have to deal with JERKS all day. You are probably one of the jerks that come in there day in and day out giving them ***, and when they see you their moods go in rapid decline mode.

I'm sure you are also one of the people that claim to spend 5 million dollars every year and try to get everything for 75% off too.


Cry some more...

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