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If any of you are having the problem I am having getting any satisfation our of Lowes' try their corporate headquarters in N.C., 704-758-1000. Yes it's long distance from California, but if you're having as much trouble with Lowe's customer service as I am this may be your best bet.

I ordered a vanity and it came in the wrong size, they ordered me another vantiy and it came in the wrong size. I've been promised a call from regional managers and have not received any communication.

I called the corporate headquarters and hope they contact me... but I'm not holding my breath.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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If you want to do a favor to your self do not do business with lowe's the are the crappiest


....If you're planning a home improvement project in the Fayetteville, NC area whatever you do, don't do business with Lowe's store number 388 located on Skibo Rd. I ordered fourteen replacement windows from them on September 5, 2014 and it's now October 29 with no end in sight as to when the project will be completed.

Their salesman over promised and under-delivered, will not return phone calls. They have screwed everything up since the very beginning, ordering thirteen windows instead of the fourteen. Their employee's have a defiant, arrogant attitude that sends the impression that they can treat you any way they want to and theirs nothing we the customer can do about it. They are very good at passing the buck onto someone else and sticking a pacifier in the customers mouth.

A call to the home office on October 21st. didn't accomplish anything either, same attitude and same passing the buck to someone else. They have to be trained that way because their is no way all of them them can be singing off the same page.

They think problem resolution is talking and passing the buck. They have got their last dime from me.

George Blankenship

Fayetteville, NC

@George Blankenship

Do not deal with Newport News Va store for roofing. The roofer used long nails that damaged our overhang on our craftsman style home.

We now have cracked wood with nails protruding out. We asked the roofer to use shorter nails but he said he was covered by the contract that it was the proper length nail. We called other roofers and they said they should have used shorter nails on the overhang. We called Owens Corning and they sent us an email stating that for craftsman style homes shorter nails should be used to not damage overhangs and the shingle would still be covered under their warranty.Lowe's will not shave down nails and correct the problem.

They will only come out and glue back cracked wood and paint nails if we sign a waiver. I have called Lowe's headquarters and they tell me someone will call to talk to me, but they always end up sending the same contractor that did the damage.I have asked for a fax number to Lowe's headquarters so that I can send them the pictures of the damaged roof and the letter from Owens Corning but to no avail.

They are rude and have no remorse for the damage they have done. Don't let the fact that they are a nationwide chain fool you into thinking that they care about the quality of their work or that they will correct any issues.I regret using them.


Lowes "customer service" department manager in hermitage Pa that I dealt with recently was HORRIBLE!!!!!!! RUDE AND MEAN!




Ordered custom a blind (expensive blind) from the Shole Creek Lowes in Austin Texas in January 2013---still trying to get them.. of course they have my money and won't refund it.

7 months should be enough time. Don't bother complaining to the 1-800-44 LOWES they just log it tell you a manager will contact you in 2 days..

in 7 months they never have! I get a department employee..Don't know how they stay in business


I have recently made 2 orders on-line for items that were supposed to be delivered to the store for my pickup. Both times that I called customer service on the delivery date, I discovered that the items were not ever ordered by Lowes, causing me significant delays. They even admit to not ordering the items and neglecting to notify me.

What's the sense even ordering anything?

Basically, they suck. If they don't have it in the store, don't order it because they don't care about on line orders.


My stove stop working on June 24th, service came June 29th. Told us it would take 2 weeks for the parts to come in.

No one called us, so we called them and they told us the parts were in. Service man came and replaced the parts 7/16, and the stove still didn't work. Still waiting to hear from Lowes after many calls if they are going to fix or replace the unit. Worst c/s I have ever experienced in my life.

I am so frustrated I wrote a letter to the BBB.


We purchased a Samsung Steam dryer and an extended protection plan / Service Advantage plan. On 07/09/14 we reported the dryer was not drying .

After much haggling we eventually got a technician to come to check the dryer and in minutes he determined the heater had to be replaced . We were told it would take 3 working days to arrive . Today is 07/22/14 and we have had no call from Lowes .

When I called today I learnt that Lowe's cancelled our order and no heater has been ordered.

This is such poor management !


Ordered $10,300 in new cabinets, due 07/02/13. Now delayed until 07/17/13; unknown why.

Ordered new $1,600 KitchenAid range; They tried to deliver it with the side smashed in, warming tray bent and front glass falling out- offered me 15% off if I would accept it. I'm still waiting for a replacement range which currently looks like another two weeks of waiting added to the first 4 weeks. Ordered special dimmer switches for my lighting with two day shipping. They shipped in two days as promised, but the order was delayed in handling by four days; no reason given for the delay.

Ordered a new acrylic sink from the Lowes online store ATG. They showed the sink as available, but it wasn't and two weeks later I'm still waiting for my sink to ship. I just found out that ATG is nothing more than a call center; you call and they send your order to the manufacturer to be processed. They keep nothing in stock because they aren't a supplier with a warehouse.

I have started to shop at Home Depot since Lowes has continuously delayed the progression of my project and hasn't met a single promised delivery date; except the one where they delivered my check to their bank.


How many times does it take for you to learn your lesson. If after that many problems you are still ordering from them, I begin to wonder what your IQ is.


That is why you should be using a credit card. Until install and after if the install is not correct, and if they don't keep their word, the credit company will rip that money right back out of their checking. Now they have your money why should they do anything for you?


They are also in the business of harassing,degrading,and screwing their employees on a daily basis


I can't tell you how many problems we have had with Lowe's, we have been double billed twice on appliances, Bought a countertop that was supposed to be stain proof, waterproof etc, etc, cost a fortune, wasn't worth a ***, had the people here four times to re seal it, didn't work, gave up in the end.We made the decision to shop elsewhere from now on, we have had problems with Home Depot too, but they have made things right, Lowe's don't seem to give a *** .......


What is Mr. Rober Niblock's phone number?..I don't care if it is long distance..It would be nice to finally reach someone in the organization with even most minimal of communication skills.???

@J. Johnson

email him at


Customer care center number (800 number so its not long distance for anyone) is posted in 12" letters by exit doors. just incase you missed it while you stormed out of the store.


why should they have to call this number to start with? are you kidding me?


thanks for this information. I ordered shutters for 1 window and 1 double glass doors, took two months and after they installed the 1 window, they told me that there were 2 left doors instead of a right and left.

Took two more months, another day off, and when they this week to install the doors, they realized that the left door was the correct color but the right door was a totally different shade.

Now I'm fighting for my money back. Had the same type of issues with our appliances - No more Lowes for us (two different stores, both in Orange County)


lowe's sucks in the appliances they're selling.. :sigh :cry :(


Over $3,500 for new kitchen countertop, and what did I get?

6 weeks without a countertop, 3 installations, two sinks, four different sub-contracted companies, dozens of employees who don't know what they are talking about, installers who don't speak English, then lie to their boss about what happened, etc. etc. etc.

I am still without the sink in my countertop... DON"T SHOP AT LOWES IN HENDERSON NEVADA (Marks Street/Sunset)!

I've been given the roun-around for weeks. Lowe's response: "There are too many people with their hands in this prject." No *** - They are your hands! Your employees! Your contractors! Your sub-contractors! FIX THE PROBLEMS!