Bellevue, Washington
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Use lowes credit card aka GE Mony Bank all the time. GE only allows us 750 limit.

Credit is perfect but we have noticed GE has been lowering our limits on many of our cards.

We called and where told we dont charge enough, carry balances long enough.. so we paid off our lowes and closed it along with 11 other Ge Money bank cards we had (dillards,belks,walmart,pennys,steinmart to name a few)we complained to lowes the manager did nothing...with a 750 credit limit and us owning 9 rental houses that always needs something 750 does not buy much we will now shop at Home depot which just gave me a 5000.00 limit the was offering 10,000 but i said 5k was more than enough to use in a 30 day as we pay off our balances when the rent comes in.....Banks and credit companies are killing american business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

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I shop Lowe's every week ( I did). Sign,said to use your card and get 5% off every purchase.

I signed up and was turned down on the spot. I have 50 years of perfect credit,Pay off every month. No bills. 800+ credit score.

Yon need to get rid of GE Money bank.

Fire them. They will kill your business like they did GE,once a great co.

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