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I bought a washer from Lowe's and took the day off from work the day it was delivered. Found out that the washer was to wide to fit through the basement door but I didn't know this at time of purchase which the attendant didn't indicate there were different sizes to consider.

I reordered a washer that would fit and it has taken several weeks to come in. When they called on Monday to say the washer had come in and they could deliver on Thursday I asked if I could have it delivered first thing in the morning so I only would have to miss a few hours of work. But of course they said no way to know arrival time only somewhere between 8 and 5. To avoid taking another day off from work I opted for Sunday and felt like a prisoner of my own home because you can't go anywhere.

It is 4pm and I do not know if they are going to make it.

The store actually suggested I take time off from work to have it delivered a different day. Not a happy customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I've experienced he same thing from Lowes, when ever possible now, I shop places where they at least give you a "window"; 8-11, 1-3, etc. Seems there are more of these customer friendly businesses every month who realize it is very hard to some people to miss a whole day's pay to be able to buy something.

I personally also resent the various "suggestions" they give to customers without being asked ! Things like, "well, why don't you call a friend or family member and have them wait at your house?", or, "why don't you just give a key to one of your neighbors ?", and my favorite, "just leave a key under the door mat or another convenient spot". Really ?

And the worst part, they are NOT joking ! They are dead serious to suggest what YOU, the customer should to accommodate THEM, the ones begging for you business/money !