Carnation, Washington
Not resolved

Very angry today.

Lowe's violated their return policy. The guy who works at customer service refused our returning since items not in receipts. He insisted it's Lowe's return policy. But I found this on the back of receipt.

For returns whithout valid receipts:

.In most instances, your receipt can be retrieved by using the original credit card, checking account number, or by your phone number.

. In-store credit may be issued for the item's current selling price.

I can't believe that guy just lied to us. I don't think it's because he didn't know. I can't understand his purpose. It's very bad bad

bad experience. We are very very very angry.

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How come every customer says they spend $10,000? PLEASE. No receipts refuse to give your credit card to verify sale= probably stolen.


Umm....What does that tell you..."The excuse that guy gave was because they were not on receipts'" That's not an was right there in front of you! Either you had the wrong reciepts,which is possible if you bought $10,000, or perhaps you bought it at a different store.And past lowes employee is correct,they could have looked it up on your credit card.


If you do not have your receipt, all they have to do is scan the credit card that the items were purchased on. Otherwise, they can look up the receipt if the purchase was made in the store you went to do the return, as long as it was within 90 days. Good Luck.


We spent over $10,000 in past 6 weeks for a remodel project. We bought extra parts/materials and they told us we could return if any left when we purchased them.

Most items we were trying to return were unopened. Others items were not packed at all at original purchase.

The excuse that guy gave was because they were not on receipts.


I can't beleive they refused your return. What was it you were trying to return.Keep in mind Lowe's is not a rental center.

@Lowes Hardware

they may very well got lazy with you! did you have a lot of stuff to return!

I bet he found a quick loop whole as not to assist you!

if it was within 90 days and you found out how you bought the items then there shouldnt have been a problem. try again