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Update by user Jun 04, 2015

Good questions twowillies, just got an email about this so I will respond and update, even though the issues is long since over...

The mower was less than a month old at the time and I did try to replace the battery, one person told me to just being the battery in, which I did, only to be told that they don't sell just that battery.

So I later delivered the mower back to them, they returned it within a week, when they went to start it off of their trailer it wouldn't start, so they proceeded to push it off the trailer. Why is unclear to me, it actually makes no sense. As they were pushing it back into the trailer because I said I wasn't going to take a broken mower back they then pushed it back on to the trailer a wheel came off!!! Ya, no kidding!

Turns out it wasn't my mower at all....

They did being mine back another week after that and it was fixed. It was actually a wiring issue which they were able to fix and return to me.

I paid for the repairs and haven't bought an item from them since. In the end they did make good but totally not worth the hassle.

Update by user Jun 04, 2015

Good questions

Original review posted by user Jan 01, 2013

I cannot begin to express my dissatisfaction with the customer service at the Lowes in Essex VT. I'm not sure, but I think I have talked with every manager on staff more then once and I still don't have the answers to my question.

I have gone to the store to get answers on three different occasions, called in and been accidentally hung up on by the customer service office as they attempted to transfer me to other departments four different times, called the corporate office and literally talked with 4 different in store managers, some of them more than twice. Each time I hear "I will take care of it and get back to you". Only once has this ever happened and they called me back to tell me they didn't have an answer but would have someone else call me the next day, which I need not tell you, NEVER happened! They looked me up in the system and cannot find ANY of my information confirming that I even purchased the $3000 riding lawn mower with them.

Once they did take the mower for service they tell me they cannot find the mower in their store, but assure me that they have it and will check with the local Agway who they have service their mowers because Lowe's staff cant seem to service it. It's a dead battery for god sake, I can service it! Honestly, you can't make the stuff up!

The story goes on and on and it is now the dead of winter and I still have not heard from them as to a professional diagnosis on the mower and still do not have a clue as to when I might get it back! I must say this has taken way more time then I anticipated and I will never be purchasing another large ticket item from Lowe's.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Daingerfield, Texas, United States #608289

We seem to be missing a little information that might let us know if we should find your complaint valid. You don't state when you purchased the mower.

Was it last week, last year, or 10 years ago? A little information for you. There is no customer service office (just a counter maned by a cashier. Lowe's has no in house service department to take care of your problems.

Finally, it the problem is a dead battery, why didn't you just take care of it instead of expecting everybody else to take care of your problem.


Lowe's "Customer Servie" (so-called) is so-o-o-o-o-o bad that I will NEVER walk in their front door to do business with them EVER again! And their "major" appliances?!?!.

. . . .FORGET IT!

Bought TOP OF THE LINE SAMSUNG washer/dryer AND a Whirlpool refrigerator and have NOTHING but problems. And the SUPERVISORS in their "Customer Care Advantage" department are the WORST! Take this review SERIOUSLY! Do yourself a favor.

. . . .PASS on any of their "deals".

They're NOT worth the headache! Good-bye Lowe's!

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