Colfax, California
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Started going to Lowe's because of the lack of support received from Home

Depot after the fact. Bought a Husqvarna riding mower on 4/23 from Lowe's.

I had the mower delivered and it was as if they pulled it off from the

display and loaded it on the truck. It was lacking parts, the security lock was

still on the trailer hitch, it was dirty, and rather than sending a manual along

they sent a manual for the bagging system, also, no receipt was presented.

TWO weeks later called again and was on the phone 20 minutes. I had to

cut the lock off, and finally received missing parts and manual (no receipt)

a week later. Now I can't keep air in the front tires. Called Lowe's and was

told to get in touch with Husqvarna. Now that's real customer support.

Look's like ACE hardware has a new customer. They're close and have

always been supportive. The few bucks saved going to the big box stores

aren't worth it as far as I'm concerned. Excuse me, I have a couple tires

to fill....

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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Also, have you been authorized by Lowe's to make such harsh comments about the very customers who contribute to your wages. Talk about *** the hand that feeds you!


If the attitudes and language used here are truely from Lowes Managers/employees, no wonder people are dissatisfied with Lowes customer service. I am a a high volume buyer from Lowes and have had several encounters with rude employees.

If people don't appreciate their job or don't like dealing with the demands of the public , perhaps they should look for a job in the funeral industry or digging graves and will be assured that no one will bother them with complaints.


I am a manager for Lowe's in spokane and i gotta say that you idiots come in and buy an expensive piece of merchandise, do your project then bring it back when the project is done and expect all your money back,with parts missing and the item looks trashed,then whine if you don't get your own way.


eww ouch. Another quality lowe's employee heard from.

I'm lazy?

How hard is it to

spell out three letter words. Good grief.


So u bought it online, expect lowes to bring u a receipt (which if u purchased online would have printed for u on the confirmation screen ***) then expect the store to do something for u.. I work at lowes and internet customers can kiss our *** Why don't u call the internet customer service number oh wait there isn't one but u expect us to care when even our website doesn't care.

U don't want to talk to someone to order the item but expect u to jump when its convient for u. Internet customers are worse then the ones that want to buy all the clearance items because they want everything. And no the warranty is not a scam.. u purchase that and we may care to help u quicker u don't purchase it we don't care at all after 30 days.

I work in appliances interent users purchase gas ranges/dryers expecting us to install them tho the internet doesn't offer this service for them then they call us telling us they want it for free due to the inconvience all u had to so was talk to a person and it would have gotten installed ..

hook up electric ranges/dryers even tho they don't buy the cords.. all idiots like u have to do is even call the store and talk to someone to make sure they get what they all need but no your lazy so y should we care.


have a written contract on installing a storage building and paid for intallation. When installer came their was no one with him.

No way one person could install a 10 x 10 storage building.

Two persons had to help him to install building. I shoud get half pay back for labor for helping installing the storage building.


Well, there you go. Brought to you by the friendly people at Lowe's.

I bought the mower online. No Lowe's card was offered. It was no clearance item. No receipt came when the tractor was delivered.

Didn't buy into the scam you people call an extended warranty figuring a company would back their sales. Boy was I wrong. And what concern is it of your's anyway?

I guess if I had to live in Dayton, Ohio I'd be pissed off too. Have a nice day f**kwad.


When did it become our responsibility to track your receipts? I bet 100$ you were offered a "My Lowes" card and declined (Which WOULD track your receipt)

And why in gods name would you buy a tractor and leave without a receipt? Why didnt you decline the tractor upon delivery if it wasnt in good shape? I bet you signed for it!

My guess is your probably one of those people who bought a "Clearance" or used model for a good deal, and now your ready to whine looking for a hand out.

I also bet you didnt buy the warranty but expect us to repair it for you when something goes wrong after the warranty period.

Enjoy shopping at ACE, one day someone there will *** you off too and youll go back to Lowes.... Douchbag!