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Went to search engine "www.Lowes Survey.com/survey". There were a number of hits, none of which allowed me to take the survey.

On one hit, it started with some questions beginning with education and age. Among other things it asked what year I graduated from HS. (I had already checked that I was a college graduate and was "over 65". Then it gave me a list of options (dates), none of which was valid.

(I graduated from HS in 1955 and graduated from college in 1959). The list of dates didn't go back that far! It also asked for my college GPR.

Since we used a 3 point system instead of a 4 point system, I couldn't answer so I guessed!

I tried all the hits on Lowes Survey. None allowed the survey.

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It's amazing you found this website, it takes a lot more work than Lowes survey

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