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Lowe,s cut my credit limit from $12,500 down to $1,000.00 for no legitimate reason. I've had this account for years and charged large amounts which were paid off ahead of time.

I only owed them less than $1,000 and was paying them more than the minimum payment. But they don't care about their good-paying customers. I'll take my business elsewhere.There are too many other building supply stores that would appreciate their customers.

Back to "mom and pop" lumber yards. They need the help any way and are better to their employees.

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Just happened to me. Started with $8700 limit, purchased stuff for the house, paid them off, then my limit went down to $900!!!

Still kept business with them, purchased some more stuff, then paid them off again and today I see my limit went down to $110.

So what I did was call customer service, paid my balance and closed my acct. Told them I rather deal with Home Depot for now on.


Just happened to me and this came up in my search for "what gives." Just paid down a big chunk of it and they dropped my limit to just above the remaining balance! Have never made a late payment.

Of course this screws with my credit usage ratio on my credit report! Im pissed! I stopped using the card as regularly as Home Depot and local lumber yards have better pricing and service! Looking forward to paying this off and shutting it down in the next few months.

I dont plan on setting foot in another Lowes! *** with my credit score is ridiculous.


Last January (2012) they increased our credit limit to $2500. We bought a dishwasher on "6 months no interest" and paid it off in 3 months.

Since then just little purchases, less than $200, and full payment every month.

Then last month GE/Lowe's informed us the account was closed because of a tax issue from 2008 (but was settled THIS year). Yes, LOWE'S BLOWS - along with GE and the banks and all the *** that run them.


GE cut mine also because I co-signed a loan and the person has been paying their car note and GE decided to cut my credit limit. the thing is that I pay GE on time each month, but they are not interested in the fact that I pay on time, they went through my credit report and decided to cut my credit limit on something that has nothing to do with GE.


It is the bank, GE bank who makes those desicions, not Lowes

Fat Mart cart rider

Hey not just Lowes want a cookie for having a 6 figure job? And by the way that was your moms desk I was under.

Not half bad I must add.

Go shop at home depot. They like your kind.


pay your bills on time lowes will give you the store amd you can treat the emplyees like ***


Hey tired of *** people "look in the mirror" th banks are screwing the consumer that pays his bills on time everyday. Yes they can lower your limit if your score drops but what do you think that does to a score when a limit is cut drastically like that.

It lowers your score. The honest working man still gets screwed once again. I have a six figure a year job, pay all my bills on time and still have had the same situation. Watch the world news sometime and you will see these practices are becoming common and just ravishing peoples credit scores.

In closing get back under Obamas desk and get back to work because it sounds like that is where you came from. Oh and wipe that off your chin.


When are you people going to learn? Lowes did not cut your credit limit.

The credit cards are issued by a credit company who has an agreement to provide credit to Lowes customers and put Lowes name on the credit card. It is the credit company you have a complaint with, not Lowes.

If you do some research you will find much of the reduction in credit availability is due to new federal banking regulations. It's fine to complain, but direct your complaint at the right company.


Did you actually think about why the cut your limit. They don't just have people in the Corp office randomly selecting *** bags like you to just drop their credit.

The only way for them to drop your credit is because of nonpayment, credit score decrease, or not using in the past 6 months since the credit crisis *** started in which case you could get off your lazy *** and call GE Money.

Not Lowes and have it reinstated. Seriously don't blame your stupidity on us because it will always be your fault.


They did that to me too - but it just so happened that I owed more than the credit line (AFTER they cut it) So then they charged me an OVER LIMIT fee. I called them and complained - but it did no good. Now that just aint right