Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I purchased a Troy Built Pressure washer at the end of April, 2013. It was the second Troy Built p/w as the first one leaked gasoline from the carburetor.

I only used the new unit 2 times. About the middle of August I tried to use the machine again and gave myself a backache from pulling the starter cord. It never started. So I packed the unit back into it original box and brought it back to Lowe's with original receipt in hand.

Lowe's policy is NO RETURN after 30 days. They jacked me around from the customer service rep who advised that the store manager could authorize a return to the manager who then said it could be done but "Company Policy" was NO RETURN after 30 days. My compliant is that they back up the vendor over the customer. They sell products that are poorly made and then back the vendor.

In other words that don't back up their products and are not worthy of anyone's business. I know they won't see me again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Question is, which Lowe's were you shopping @ ? Did you buy the extended coverage?

Was the item new, or rebuilt? Lot's of question's I know, but it could have been resolved.


Mr Morgan- you should contact customer care at 1-800-44LOWE'S- your item is within it's return period for 7 days if it's a major appliance. They will request a replacement for you.

The person who made the above post, however, should get a clue and call troy bilt- lowe's is in no way responsible for their warranty.

Troy bilt is sold in many other places. Nuff said.


Lowes did not build the pressure washer. It was built by Troy Built and they are responsible for the warranty.

Why do you as a consumer think the retailer is responsible for the warranty? Take time to read your warranty and you will find out how to take care of your problem.


Dear Lowes inc. I just bought a new frezzer, microwave, dishwasher , and aircomperssor( which I could have got a better one from Marvins for the same price I foundout after I bought the one from you all and I decided to keep the one I got from you all) .

Then I ask for some help with the dishwasher that did not work after 3 days and I was talk to very rude and ugly by your dept. manger and store manger in Petal Mississippi!!!

This makes me want to try Marvins or Home Depot insted!!! Sincerly Webber Morgan :(