Fayetteville, Arkansas
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When Lowe's delivered sheetrock to my house one of the delivery drivers wrote on my concrete floor that was to be stained, with permenant marker! The marks were in 3 rooms and the largest area written on measured 5 inches tall by 18 inches long!

We tried every chemical and nothing removed it and the stain wouldn't cover it. During another delivery of trim the same delivery driver put 2 holes in my walls. Here is the wrost part my husband was the store manager at this store and he consulted his boss who suggested that my husband file an insurance claim through Lowe's to cover the extra cost that Lowe's had caused. Well, Lowe's covered the cost of the damages but my husband was fired in retaliation over filing the claim.

Oh and the person who not only damaged my house once by TWICE still has a job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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wow trevor, that was uncalled for. No i totally believe it bc i worked there for 2 years and saw some shady *** happen, always had to watch my back. He shouldve just fixed it himself....good luck :)

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #31246

Perhaps we are not hearing the whole story here of why the husband was fired? Also what kind of "man" is he if he can't write his own letter and needs his wife to do it. He probably only got married because his mother refused to do his work for him and told him to grow up.

Dunn, North Carolina, United States #5942

You may want to contact a lawyer because this may be a "wrongful termination", especially if it was your husbands boss who suggested he file the claim in the first place! If that person had done that kind of damage to anyone elses house, you can bet your booty those people would be filing a lawsuit AND that person would probably been fired or at least severely disciplined for his actions.

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