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I bought $5,947 worth of LG Appliances on December 14, 2013 for a home remodel project (Refrigerator, Range, Microwave, and Dishwasher). Lowe's was advertising a rebate eligible for these purchases running from Dec. 11 through Dec. 17. As part of the purchase, I received an "Online Rebate Information" form with the list of eligible appliances (all four of them), and instructions for submittal. I processed my rebate online as instructed that same day (Dec. 14), and the system accepted my submission.

Today (Jan. 22, 2014), five weeks later, I received a notice from Lowe's saying my rebate submission was denied because "Your sale receipt did not indicate the purchase of a qualifying item". I was instructed that after five weeks of processing, I had only one week to submit my appeal before "final processing".

This is clearly a scam. I totally understand that most people do not ever get around to submitting these rebate forms, allowing Lowe's to avoid spending the money. This is a big one ... with about $600 in total rebates, so it's not surprising to me that (a) it takes five weeks to try to turn me away, and (b) they only give one week to provide an appeal.

I'm immediately turning around hard-copy documents to once again attempt to collect my rebate.

If that gets turned down ... my next step will be to hit social media with this, and maybe throw in a letter to the CEO of Lowe's.

Don't run a rebate if you don't want to pay it, and don't *** off your best customers by pretending like their rebate-eligible purchases ... aren't eligible for the advertised rebates.

I don't often complain ... but this one REALLY pissed me off.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Lowes you are the worst ever on rebate scams- ----full of crap ----you just lost a big time customer !!! Home Depot , I'll be at your store from now on----so will all my relatives and friends that i will try my best to convince and prove to them what bunch of liars are in your management office.

Maybe your next step is bankruptcy , WE SHALL SEE........ ADIOS (not) amigos!!!!!


Same exact thing has just happened to me 600.00 rebate with additional 100.00 for buying black stainless steal all LG spent 5100.00 for the set and they suddenly say oh sorry dishwasher was invalid even though it clearly states it is part of the rebate offer as well as the Refrigerator , Stove , Microwave. This is a scam beyond words. Shame on you Lowes


same here, we spent 4484.05 on all new appliances. we spent 100$ more trying to get more of a rebate back.

the rebate was going to be for 450.00. just looked online and it says 150$ in process. never again.

They are going to be building a menards soon in our town, I cant wait. hope it shuts them down.


I placed an online order that I was told would deliver to store on 3 July. After receiving no notification of shipment I called Lowes and was given a tracking number which indicated the items would get to store on the 7th.

After finally getting the notification that it had been delivered to the store we went to collect the order. It took over half an hour to locate the items before they gave them to us. I had received emailed notice of an 11% rebate but couldn't process until I had picked up the items and got the reference numbers. The items were ordered well within the rebate period but weren't delivered to store until after that time.

I asked for the paperwork and when I got home submitted the forms online. I've now waited a month continually checking the rebate website. For weeks it showed nothing, then it showed a status of "in process".

Today it said that I wouldn't receive my expected rebate due to not being accepted. I am furious, and will never purchase anything from Lowes ever again.


I just have the same bad experience!! They running me around until the rebate time is running out and said noting they can do about it!!!

I agree that they should not run the promotion like this if they don't want to pay bad experience to customer like me will never buy anything from them unless I cannot find it at home depot. Lost customer big time!!


This very same thing happened to me. I purchased a washer and dryer, sent in the CORRECT information and then received a form saying "Your sale receipt did not indicate the purchase of a qualifying item." This same things goes for Home Depot several years ago. Has anyone ever received this rebate


I just had EXACTLY the same thing happen to me with a rebate on a high-efficiency LG washer/dryer pair. $250 rebate on $1,400 pair.

With the pedestals, cord, and taxes, it was just north of $2,000. Submitted online, got a card in the mail three weeks later with exactly the same reason: "Your sale receipt did not indicate the purchase of a qualifying item." That's interesting since the rebate slip I got with the receipt had the *** washer and dryer I bought under the heading "ITEMS QUALIFIED FOR REBATE".

The same rebate was available on other brands of appliances, and the notice in the mail also came with a Lowe's logo. So, this was indeed a Lowe's rebate, NOT an LG rebate as one other poster implied. .

The neat part is that I received the card today - 9/5/14 - and have until 9/11/14 to resubmit the same receipt I already submitted.

One inch from my notice of having 5 days to return the information (by mail) is the line "Please allow 4 weeks from the date you mail this resubmission for final processing." I see, so I get 5 days, but Lowe's gets 28. Thanks, Lowe's.

What a scam. I'm sending the information back Priority Mail, certified w/return receipt. If I don't have the rebate back in exactly four weeks, I'm going to call the local Lowe's store to have them pick up the washer and dryer, AMEX to reverse the charges if the store won't refund me in full, and the state attorney general to file a fraud claim against the Lowe's corporation.

Oh, and I'll also return the $1,000 Weber grill I just bought, too.

I can only imagine the hundreds of thousands of dollars they rip off from people with this kind of ***. Somebody needs to put together a class action lawsuit.

***, Lowe's.


I would file a complaint with the BBB and add in that the only reason your family was able to afford these appliances is because of the rebates. Also add in something sentimental / family oriented on how this situation effected your family emotionally due to the financial situation Lowes put you in (personally I would pick Christmas).

I own a credit repair company and help hundreds per year get homes with a three round process that eventually ends up in a BBB complaint and an average deletion of 75%. If you use my advise you're 10x more likely to get your money because companies like Lowes and LG aren't scared of one little consumer looking for $600 but they are scared of 1,000,000 people reading about your experience on a national complaint website.

At that point (to them) it becomes "risk vs reward". Good luck and get your money.


This just happened to me. It's only $10, but still!

It's MY $10 and the only reason I bought the quantity of product I did.

Anyone have any tips for resolving this?


I just made an online purchase for a qualifying rebate of $50 -

now mysteriously there is no dept number or no rebate ... I just spent 23 minutes on the phone with some useless customer service person who I gave up on.

It's a total scam. Spent $600+ on a water softener.


I had the same issue!!!!!!!


I've had horrible experiences with rebates! Can't stand them.

Usually, if the rebate is sent to the manufacturer I've had better luck. If it's sent to a 'Rebate Center' - forget about it. These places will deny the rebate for the smallest reason. In fact, they make money by denying the rebates.


Rebates are a way for the manufacturer to discount there products WITHOUT involving the retailer, which would sometimes sell the items at retail and keep the 'discount' as profit.



thanks for the heads up


The rebate was with Lg not Lowes, you would have gotten that rebate no matter where you bought Lg appliances. Lg's fault, not lowes.


aww poor baby


Update ... I attempted to resubmit online, along with sending a response by US Mail, and the system notified me that the promotion ended on 1/16/2014.

Isn't it interesting that Lowe's waits until after the rebate deal submission date is over ... before they notify me that they've denied my submission.

My fate is now in the hands of (a) their short response time, and (b) the US Postal Service.


Sorry to hear about it. Hope it will work out somehow.

I had a bad experience with Lowe's too, online sales (have posted on this site).