East Moline, Illinois
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I had a washer and dryer delivered and the delivery people (burglars) came back and broke into my house to steal it within 2 weeks. The only people who new there where a new washer and dryer in my house were the delivery men and me.

They went right to those and only took them. Caught the thieves on video surveillance! Don't buy from Lowe's in Dothan Alabama!

Or at least don't have it delivered (carry it out yourself) and don't give your correct address if you want to keep your stuff! Buyer beware Lowe's hires thieves!

Monetary Loss: $750.

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I never know that on the Lowe's Application form if they have a question. Are you a burgular or any other type of criminal, and hire those who say yes.

Like Tasha said those people stole from you just because they were not brought up properly or some reason. What company do you work for. I am sure you have had some people who were fired for doing something wrong maybe even against the law.

Does this mean that you are in the same boat as them. That you too are bad and a law breaker.


Wow Sean/truth you are everywhere these days. I just replied on another letter where you replied.:grin

I have a problem with your title. So a few *** from Lowes broke in your house and stole your washer and dryer. This just means that lowes has a few *** This does not mean that all Lowes employees are thieves. This could have happened from any company who installs washer's and drivers. Basically you will have some butthead in any organization who steals. You were just unlucky enough to have a few bad apples but that does not mean that all Lowes employees are thieves.

Also "Truth is Relative", Sean/truth also defended crazy complaints from Wal-mart. Does this mean he works there as well. You must be a very young child to come to the conclusion that just because Sean is sticking up for a company that he works for Lowes. It would be like me saying that the person only made this complaint because they were fired for the same thing and this whole complaint is a lie from a disgrunged employee. I am not fivc years old so I know that this is not the case. However your logic and reasoning if that of a five year oldchild. Same with the OP. Just because a few people work at Lowes are thieves not everyone is. Just here in Calfornia a few people were busted for dealing drugs. Does this mean everyone who lives in Calfornia deals drugs. I don't. In James Town a mother with depression drowned her children. Does this mean everyone with depression drowns their children? Does this mean all mother's in the James Town drown their children? She also worked at Duncan Donuts. Does this mean every employee which Duncan Dunuts hires is a child killer. What happened to the OP sucked, but he should not catagory all Lowes employees as one. Maybe Sean/Truth is a criminal, maybe he isn't. But if he is it has nothing to do with working at Lowes. You don't know him, and neither do I so to assume he is a criminal just because of a reply online is childish.


To "Truth is relative"; 1)TOUCHE!! 2)This is my first time (as of 20-09-2010)typing on any site and I have to admit that it became quite fun to sit in the comfort of my own home and create "spiffy" responses and attacks 3)I never said that I was a corporate PR for Lowes.

You peiced that together and fabricated your own "thing". I just said that I was a manager with Lowes(any type of manager can be from the bottom of the cess pool to the highest of the golden castle).4)Lowes can take care of their own "stuff". Comments made by any human , even myself, can come out rude and coarse. To all---I apologize.

5)However, I was partaking in, admitted to guilt and have come to realize that me, you or anyone can type messages from a computer(without ever being seen) and belittle, attack or just basically vent on anyone in the world. The thing that I noticed was how easy it was for us to find fault in everyone else(stores, business places, products, even ourselves). I never want to do that again . At least not on a computer.

I think I will just stick to the good old fashion way of facing my fear and confronting one-on-one.

Thank-you for helping me snap back to the truest way of life. God bless!


Oh "Sean", Lowe's corporate PR thug attacking the victim. (Just check "Sean/truth"'s comments all over anything on this site if you don't think he works for Lowe's PR.)

It's called "corporate responsibility". Obviously, based upon your comment, Lowe's knows that people are watching them and that any wrongdoing will not go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, Lowe's response is to berate the customer rather than root out the criminals.

If you're such a proud Lowe's employee, get off these complaint forums and go get rid of your criminal elements.

For that matter, any hard-working Lowe's worker in the world would step forward and root out unethical activity among their ranks.


Excuse me "Lowesthief". Were you born in a treehouse?

The very last sentance you wrote just insulted workers in close to 1800 Lowes stores in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and soon to be Australia. Do you really think Lowes intentionally hires thieves or maybe people lie their way into jobs. Here is a something to make you think before you write.

If a couple of people are arrested in the state of Alabama, does that mean that everyone in Alabama are criminals? Apologies are only made by honest people.


What is the status of those workers? Were they arrested? I have heard of car stereo installers doing the same thing.