Nashua, New Hampshire
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We had ordered 450 sq. ft.

of in-stock hardwood flooring from Lowe's Home Improvement in Manchester, NH and paid for local delivery. Nothing was delivered at the specified time/location. When questioned about the order, the customer rep stated that it was delivered to a totally different address, however they had correct delivery address in their computer system. Funny that they did not any mistakes in charging my credit card.

I cancelled the order and hopefully will get our money back, although I don't have a lot of faith in their ability to do simple tasks like refunds. Will never do business with these *** again.

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I have good experience with my delivery the 2 guy's very nice and install my stove just in the right place I very happy with the service...


Lowes customer service is the worst never had a problem with Home Depot delivery they called and were mostly on time. Lowes was suppose to deliver a fridge for me well no call no show had to call them to find out they were not coming. Ask if I could get it in the morning or a estimated time when no got maybe in the morning maybe afternoon wow I guess the customers time and work doesn't matter from now on just Home Depot gets my business


I like how you said civilized people go home and start their weekend. This indicates to me that everyone works a 9-5 job monday through friday.

It really *** me off that you think I am uncivilized since I give up my weekends and work a rotatating schedule to allow you to shop on saturday and sunday. I am so very sorry that us Gorillas, Grunts and apes AKA uncivilized people messed up the start of your civilized weekend.

By the way have you noticed it isnt 1955 anymore and the ma and pop shops are gone due to your crying and moaning demands? Suck it up you civilized snob.


:cry :eek :? :( :upset :x :roll I HATE LOWE'S!!!!!!!


I was scheduled for a Sat.morning delivery but did not receive any call Friday night. I called store & they said the delivery people could call anytime up until 10 PM!

The store gave me the number for the delivery service & when I called I was told between 3 & 5 PM. I said this wouldn't work as I wouldn't be home. I called the store & they rescheduled for Sunday but once again-NO CALL!!! I had to call the store once again to find out the delivery was scheduled for 12-2 on Sunday.

I guess the delivery scheduler thinks no one has anything else to do but wait for them. My purchase was finally delivered but had scratches & dents. When I called the store they were willing to either give me a discount or new product, no questions asked!

The store personnel were great to deal with but unfortunately the terrible delivery service reflects badly on them also. They really need to get a new service for delivery!


So you spend over $2,000 on appliances and you have to endure an evening delivery???????? Yes, this time frame would be fine if I were on contract working as a teacher.

Summer vacation and I thought that I could be a daytime delivery. Was given NO CHOICE of time. I live less than three miles from the store and I have to wait until 5:30 through 8:30 on a Friday evening??? I though civilized people went home and started their weekend.

Now, with no foreknowledge until the day of delivery, I have to cancel Friday evening plans.

I should have been given a choice of morning or afternoon delivery. The people who run Lowes delivery need a good lesson in logistics.


Everyone makes mistakes. The reason there are so many complaints is because people are more vocal than they were before.

People being more vocal, more impatient, and having less common sense (on customer side) leads to more complaints. People just need to relax.

Think about how you treat the people that you are doing business with and maybe you'll have a better experience. I am not partial to Lowe's or any store, I just went on this website cause some of the complaints are so outrageous and ridiculous .


Lowe's has gone DOWN HILL really fast! Horrible Customer Service, you name it!

Go online and read the comments at, I'm having my own issues with them over a frigidaire stove I purchased from them that caught on fire the first time the broiler was turned on, their appliance manager told me "they would replace it", then I heard nothing from them and 3 weeks later I called them - "Now they won't replace it but will offer me the purchase of a new one at a discount" - I don't think so!

I also found online, and then verified that "their Contractors Licnese has been expired for a few years" even though they continue to offer "professional installation"... I guess alot of us are going back to Home Depot, the customer service isn't always so great, but Lowe's is always bad now!