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Lowe's delivery driver misses driveway by 25 feet and backs into my front yard and over a $13,000 StormTech detention system. Then driver runs away when approached by contractor.

A working detention system was a requirement for permits so now I have a $350,000 renovation project that is being distrupted.

I called store manager - who says he will handle everything. I don't hear from him for three days - call store and he's on vacation and nobody else knows anything.

I repeat my story to another manager who tells me I have to file claim with their delivery service and they will send an insurance adjuster. I talk to the delivery service, who in turn used a subcontractor - and am told they will now have to setup a claim with the subcontractors insurance and he will let me know when the claim is filed and give me the adjuster's information.

I contact Lowe's Executive Support Department because I think it's ridiculous that I contract with Lowe's, pay Lowe's and then when something goes wrong Lowe's takes no responsibility and sends me to a sub-sub contractor's insurance company. In the meantime, my project is racking up delay costs.

I speak with the Exec Support person who appears to "understand my issue, promises to resolve it and will be back to me in 24 hours". I think things are going to get better.

24 hours go by - no response - I call leave message - no return call. Next day I call and am told the Case Manager handling my complaint unexpectedly is out of the office - but will be back tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes - no call - I call again and 20 minutes on hold later somebody tracks her down. Bottom line, after discussing for 30 minutes, Executive Support has provided no help. She told me I had to "abide by their processes". The content of the conversation my impression was she clearly understood the "Lowes processes" were not working for me, was, in her words "inconvenient", wasn't what I wanted, and was continuing to create disruption and delays - but continued to state, that regardless of whether it made any sense that I had to follow Lowe's processes for this matter.

The insurance adjuster called today - the wrong number and the wrong address. Somebody gave the adjuster my wife's number and a wrong address. The adjuster left a somewhat garbled message on my wife's phone - but she was in an environment without cell service all day and could not respond. She gave me the info this evening - I called, the company - but of course it was just voice mail. I called the company's 800 number and was told I should call back on Monday to check the status of any claim.

Current status - $350K project disrupted, no help from Lowes - and understanding that Lowe's knows and understands the impact - but doesn't care enough to do anything about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Subcontractor damages.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Timely action to stop ongoing disruption and reimburse damage and expenses.

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For something so important, some one should have been there to direct the driver.


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I couldnt tell from the pic where your driveway is. Maybe you should have been there.


Um duh not my issue but it's obviously the left side of the picture in a bline to the garage. It's brown/tan/grey/white.

While the big green area is the lawn. The tire marks that might be ur confusions are the lowes truck driver's destruction


Hi Mr. Hanks,

My name is Jackie Workmon and I work with XPO Last Mile.

I would like to get some more information from you to see if we are the third party company that contracted the driver that may have damaged yard yard. If possible, could you please e-mail your first name, city of delivery, and date of delivery? We have a delivery made to a consumer with your last name in the last two weeks in our system. I just want to verify this is you.

If so, I would like to forward you to someone who can help. My e-mail address is jackie.workmon@xpolastmile.com

Thank you.


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