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Bought a new refrigerator from the Lowe's store in Bradenton, Florida on Saturday May 12th, 2012. The delivery personnel were in home yesterday and immediately upon their departure we noticed our new ipad was missing from living room table.

Called store and police. Have spoken with the *** managers and they would not even question the delivery people! Just left the store and the manager was very rude and refused to do anything. They are acting like we are lying.

Have receipt, this was purchased 3 weeks ago, I will not stop until this get resolved.

Do not shop at Lowe's for anything ever!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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I want to thank you all for your thoughtful and intelligent comments. As of today the Delivery driver was arrested for the theft.

It seems he had been reported before for stealing prescription medications from another client. He stole the ipad and sold it for drugs. They are my elderly parents and this guy was preying on them and others.

The point being that Lowe's should have done something about this person and not have continued sending him into unsuspecting customers homes. Sad that people here think this is some kind of joke


And they would have gotten away with it if it wasnt for those kids and that *** dog of yours... So what were you doing during the delivery?

Letting strangers run about your house? Outside smoking a butt and having a rum and coke? I say you track those drivers down and take action!

Steal their stuff! Break the windows out of their car!


Nice comment. I will explain it to you.

The Ipad has been registering through Apple registration across town, so we will not be finding it in our home any time soon.

The police have been to store and several residences regarding this. One of the delivery drivers in question, has been accused previously of stealing prescription medication from another customer's home.

Yet, Lowe's continues to employ this person and send him into unsuspecting customer's homes. They continue to respond they cannot do anything regarding this manner.


When you do find it in the house where you left it, I hope you call the store manager and apoligize for your stupidity.