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Over a year ago we purchased a Samsung washer and dryer on a Friday from our local Lowe's store. At the time of purchase we told them that we did not want delivery until the following weekend after we had moved in.

The salesman slotted us for a delivery 8 days from the time of purchase. The day before the scheduled delivery I called the store as it was late in the afternoon and I had not heard from them to confirm that the washer and dryer were going to be delivered the following morning. At this point I was informed that they had over sold the washer and dryers due to the state incentive and the sale price. The best guess on when more inventory would arrive was 6-8 weeks out.

I stated this was unacceptable as we are in a new house with no washer or dryer with 3 children and that we had purchased these a week ago. After over an hour and a half of talking to people at the store they agreed to deliver the floor model they had. No discount was allowed for doing this. Delivery was scheduled for Saturday morning and finally mid-afternoon the delivery truck appeared in our driveway and the washer and dryer were delivered.

Upon attempting to hook up the drain hose for the washer the delivery person realized that there was not one installed on the machine. At this point, while missing a family function due to their tardiness, we contacted the store and the solution was for the delivery team to come back Sunday morning with a hose from another floor model (another Samsung, but not the same model). Low and behold they did not show up until mid to late afternoon on Sunday and when the hose was attached and they tested the washing machine it failed resulting in significant water leaking from the machine. Enough water leaked out to cover our laundry area and most of our kitchen and then ran through heat runs popping one loose from the floor joist) and the furnace and also into the basement over our main panel box, water heater, and water softener.

At this point I insisted the washer and dryer be removed from the house and was informed they would upgrade us to the next model up and deliver those floor models the next morning. I took the day off from work and finally our new house had a washer and dryer by lunchtime on Monday.

At this point we started the claim process for the damage the water caused and a year later all we have is a ton of wasted time, a quote from their adjuster that does not include things like labor, removing appliances that are on the floor, etc and a floor in our new home that is buckled and needs to still be replaced. I just got off the phone with them yet again with a "promise" someone would be contacting me within two business days, shall I hold my breath?

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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There is NO WAY this is true!! Unless...

A)The water sat for months or B)Your entire house was flooded with no way for the water to escape. I doubt either are true!!

The reason nobody has contacted you is because there is no validity to your claim! Try again!!


You know if you sre not recording the calls then its what ever they say is true