Carrollton, Texas

I live in Carrollton, Texas and bought a gallon of paint and had it mixed there at the store with a color I wanted...Paid for it....walked tp my car put it in the trunk and drive 1.5 miles home. I drove easy and when I got home I went back to the trunk to get it out......paint can was still standing up, lid was off of it and paint everywhere.

It took 3 Fu##ing hours to clean up the mess and it ruined a Sun-visor, car charger and the bottom of my carpeted trunk, also when cleaning up the mess it got all over my driveway ...not to mention a $ 29.95 gallon of deck paint (drys like concrete). I called the manager within 30 mins of this happening to tell him about this and he took my name and number, said he will tell someone to call me. After waiting for a call from them for a couple of weeks I decided to go back up there and do a Face-to Face with the manage at Lowe's . I met with Asst Mgr.

Ronn and he wanted my name and 2 numbers that I could be reached at. So after I gave him the information I asked for the Store Manager to please call me in the morning.

He never did. This has cost me $ 30 for the paint, $ 30 for Sun-Visor, $20 for Car Charger and it will cost me $200 for a new Trunk carpeted part at the Ford Dealer not to mention the 3 hours to clean-up the paint in the trunk and the hour to go to the store talk with him and get back home.....ALL because their employee did not put gallon of paint lid on securely .....I can't wait to sue their A$$...Lucky for me that I took Pics of the mess before cleaning up the mess....and I showed them to the Manager also.....He didn't even offer to refund my money for the Paint......they are going to be held responsible this time.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Accidents can never happen I suppose. It must be nice to be perfect.


Get over it seriously, you probably hit a bump in the road and are personally responsible for it but

dont want to look like a *** *** and tried puting the blame on some one else lol

@The Pro

Wow...A Bump in the road.....REALLY....a Bump would pop the top off a gallon of paint??? ....I don't think so....not if it was secured properly at the store..............I heard Lowe's has their people reading these blogs and defending them......and No....I'm NOT going to just let it slide....I am a very fair person but this is 100% Lowe's fault what happened here ....I have talked to 2 of the Asst.Mgr's and left my telephone number for the Store manager Todd to call me about this matter with them...guess what call back.............Today called the store ask for Todd, he's busy the operator said, but she took my number again and said he would call me back......Small Claims Court will be next... and they will be responsible for the damage due to not being trained properly.


You heard that Lowe's has employees on here to defend them. I don't think corporate would actually tell us to go to this site and defend them on the issues that customers have. I personally prefer to just mock people.