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Today I was appalled to find that Lowe's will not accept my federally issued military ID (with picture, address and SS#!) as a valid form of ID.

We live 1/2 block from the store and shop there several times a week. Between personal and business needs, we spend at least $20k a year at this store!

I was returning a ceiling fan bracket (same box, wrong model, exchanging really) and a light bulb for which I had a receipt, and a couple of switch plate covers ($8). A couple days ago I noticed that I had misplaced my driver's license (it's probably stuffed in a drawer or pocket). My husband has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and getting a replacement just has not been a priority this last week. I gave the cashier my military ID, at first she accepted it but it uses my SS# as the ID number. I gave her my DL#, something I memorized decades ago. She then refused to accept my ID. I asked if photocopy of my license would do and she said yes.

I went home and printed the COPY of my license that had just been used to purchase real estate in a another state, got my birth certificate, the paperwork to my disabled parking placard, a DMV receipt for my license with the license number and went back...mad.

The same cashier did not look at any of the documents, except the PHOTOCOPY of my DL...which had the NUMBER blacked out. Instead of verifying the DL# on the other documents, she asked me to give it to her VERBALLY (which I had done the first time) and processed the return.

I had come to replace the ceiling fan mount, get a light fixture and order sod for the back yard. I then told the manager I would be going to Home Depot for those things after he refused to consider how ludicrous the entire experience had been...or even apologize..and sided with the clerk.

I went to Home Depot, where they not only accepted my military ID to verify my PLATINUM credit card, but also gave me a military discount!

PS...I had a US Navy ball cap on my head at the time too! My husband risked his life for 30 years to protect unreasonable people like those who run Lowe's. The manager there makes exponentially more money than my husband ever made, with no risk to his life and without being deployed 2/3 or more of every year. My husband suffered 2 amputations and other physical injury due to his service, and Lowe's won't even accept my military ID to return a couple of items! The would, however, accept a PHOTOCOPY of my DL with the NUMBER obscured! Really?

Beware military vets...your federal ID...which is supposed to be good in all 50 states, is not good at Lowe's. They want your state issued DL in stead, good only in ONE state.

Lowe's: You should be ashamed of yourselves! You lost a good customer.

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i was going to post a complaint i had with lowes but after reading some of them it seems like this page is run by lowes employees who enjoy insulting the consumer. I guess these *** don't understand without us customers you *** wouldn't have a job.


Lowe's can't accept a military ID when trying to return an item without a receipt. They track those kinds of returns with your Driver's License#.

If you return without a receipt too many times, the system will not allow you to return anything else. It's just a way that Lowe's is trying to preserve its business because there are people who steal and try to bring stolen items back...everyone suffers for what those people do.

Maybe Lowe's should just stop accepting returns without a receipt...


Lowe's requires a VALID STATE ISSUED I.D. Not federal.

They track returns off the DL number. People should start saving receipts, then they would not have so many problems making returns!


Obviously you don't read well...had a receipt, making a return WITH receipt..made purchase with credit card..my military ID was accepted as ID when I made the purchase.


my husband was NOT drafted-he enlisted and re-enlisted over and over again (for *** people like you)

he spent 9 months our of EVERY year flying over hostile territories risking his life for 30 years

he missed his children's births, and the deaths of 2

he was a prisoner of war, was welded in and out of an iron coffin for months and tortured.. and still RE-ENLISTED

The only reason I mentioned his current health was that when I noticed my license missing a few days before, I did not go immediately to get a new one because we are spending 6 hours a day doing chemo and radiation (for a cancer he got because of his service, but I did not mention that before)

You are so sad that you have nothing better to do than troll these complaints, reading (poorly) and commenting on something that seems to have nothing to do with you

This is about not accepting a legally valid FEDERAL ID..the same ID they have always accepted when I MAKE a purchase...but accepting a COPY of my DL with no number on it instead! all for a return of $40 that I wanted returned to my credit card (which I had with me)

I have gotten an apology from Lowe's HQ, apparently it was a matter of 2 s*****d employees and one s*****d "manager" who did not pay attention in training and critical thinking.

As amusing as the comments from *** are, I am not wasting any more time..but, before I go...before you chime in, try to actually read and understand the information before saying s*****d things!


Almost perfect complaint! Has all the elements: Mention military service and medical ailments which have nothing to do with the story, complain about trouble with returning a product that you bought, draw some really dramatic asinine conclusion, completely exaggerate the amount of money you spend there, since after all, you should be treated differently (several times a week?

Really? You go to Lowe's every day?), threaten to go to a different store, go on and on about how you fought for this country and you're being taken advantage of (I thought soldiers were tough).

Overall, great job OP!

My only suggestions is you should've insulted the staff over their age, competence, customer service skills, etc and you should've said you've been going to that store for 70+ years, but never again. All and all, it was a really good complaint.


I'm confused, were you making a return without a receipt or making a purchase without a state issued ID?

Everybody has problems, what makes you think that you are any better than anyone else?

I get so sick and tired of people complaining about how they have this disease or that disease. Life happens, heck I work with a lady that has beaten cancer and her son died. You don't hear her using that as an excuse. So your husband was drafted all 30 years by the US government, or did he choose to make a career out of the military and reenlist himself.

I've got a buddy who went to war and never came home, so count your blessings your husband is still alive to listen to your little pathetic complaint of poor customer service. Why don't you put your focus on more important things and stop generalizing one incident and assume Lowe's is disrespecting veterans.


A military ID is a valid form of ID...to refuse to accept it IS disrespectful. especially because instead of taking a test that just about anyone can pass, a military ID is earned by risking your life and, until recently, being paid below the poverty level for doing so. The federal government deems it a legal, valid form of ID.

Besides, the argument is rather ***. If Lowe's refused to grant me the same privileges that they would a man..because I was a woman...that would definitely be not only a crime, but disrespectful at the least. According to the manager it is a company policy, therefore, it is perfectly reasonable.. and logical... to generalize the action toward the whole company.

Spoken like someone who has never had to risk their life and family for their country.


I sympathize with your trouble making a return, but the conclusion you draw from this incident is that "LOWES DISRESPECTS VETERANS?" It seems that you could also have made a conclusion that "Lowe's disrespects the handicapped," or "Lowe's disrespects women." Because you had this bad interaction you think it is fair to generalize about the entire company? I hope wherever you choose to shop from now on doesn't have one incident to make you decide that they hate all humans. Letting a single incident speak for entire organizations could leave you growing all you own food and living a hermit's life.