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We found a maytag washer we liked at Lowe's. When we researched the consumer reviews, we found Home Depot had a lower price by nearly $50. When we took our home depot price printed from their website, Lowes would not honor their guarantee to match the price and take an additional 10%.

After speaking to the manager, Brian, it was obvious we were bothering him by taking him out of his private office, out of the customer's eye.

I think it bad business to advertise in the Lowe's weekly add making a promise and not living up to it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Website.

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Had the same experience with a ladder at Lowe's. Found the exact same item at Home Depot for $39 cheaper.

At first they refused to price match at all. But, when I complained they gave in and then refused to give me the 10%.


I emailed Lowe's Customer Care and asked if I see an item on your website and find a lower price at an online store do you match the price and I was told Lowe's will match prices on identical items found on the internet or e-commerce sites, but will not offer an additional 10 % off. Shipping and handling must be included in the final price.

So I purchase an Elkay sink on and picked it up in the store today. I checked the internet today when I got home and found the identical sink for about $150 less than what I paid. This was a $500 + stainless steal sink. When I went back to Lowe's just now surprise surprise they would not honor the price match.

The snot nose kid spent at least 5 minutes online verifying the website was real and then told me the store manager won't honor it. He said I should return it and buy it from that website! Why would you turn a customer away you snot!! This is a new Lowes in my neighborhood.

And here I couldn't wait until this Lowe's opened. Tired of Home Depot. And they're less than a 1/4 down the road from HD! I will never shop there again!!

Apparently, you can't go to just any website to price match. Funny thing I found the same sink on another website connected to Amazon for $85 less with shipping. They probably wouldn't have accepted that one either. Moral of the story ...

don't believe their "low price guaranty". Lies!!!


Wow, I have been dealing with Lowe's and never had a problem with them matching prices, and I even saved $300.00 on a really nice refrigerator. I think if you go to the right Lowe's store and have an advertisement from one of their competitors, showing a difference on the exact same product, they will honor the difference, and if they don't go to their competitor, they lose a sale, and you save the money. No reason to make mean comments, and make sure you let Lowe's know you plan on going to their competitor and tell other people you know about your negative experience, you may want to contact their corporate headquarters with a complaint about the manager, again I have never experience any negative behavior from their employees, and have done business with Home Depot as well, because they offered a better deal and installation of Central Air, you have the right as a consumer to attempt to get them to honor their lowest price match, but I think there may be some specific terms, again, contact their corporate headquarters for answers on what are those terms.


The price match policy is for items "in stock". The Home Depot near our store only has displays and there is a wait to get the appliance in.

So it is not "in stock". Thus no price match.


In today's world there is nothing I hate more than companies and governement that does not keep their word. I have read thru the feedback. There are those that agree, you did the homewor, found a less expensive price, and want to take advantage of what the competitors guarantee.

Others obviously don't care about saving money and buy when they find something then want regaurdless of pricing.

As far as being a pain for the clerk's working the store, they get paid for doing a job.

Bottom line, Since I went on a letter writing campaign, I was contacted by Lowe's and they said they would price match.


That is the thing, Roger, the person writing this letter is not an adult, they are a child and would need mommy and daddy's permission to shop at Home Depot. Also what the child writing the letter needs to know is companies don't match internet prices.


??? hit the nail on then head..lowes will not match internet prices.period!


Prices on the internet have nothing to do with what the price in the store is. Most retailers will price match prices in the stores, not the internet.

I think if you had brought in a newspaper ad or a quote from the store they would have matched the price. Prices in the store can be higher or lower than what you see on the internet.


Roger, You would make a good employee for Lowes, Home Depot or Sears. The lazy *** at Lowes has to honor their policies.

Ecomically, it is silly to buy elsewhere for more money. Price match plus 10% is a good deal. Obviously you do not like a good deal. Bottom line: If you can get the same product, cheaper, at a different store, but it!

As for the lazy manager at Lowes, turn him in. As for age Roger, take you immature butt elsewhere.

Wisdom grows with age. Think about it while drinking your TEA.