Buffalo, New York

I bought an item at one Lowe's store and tried to return it the next day at a different Lowe's store. The item ( a makeup mirror )was in perfect condition in it's original wrapping and carton accompanied by my credit card receipt. Store # 2 refused the return because that particular store did not stock that item.

Lowe's stated return policy as seen on their website specifically states "return to any Lowe's store".

That is not true. Their policy statement needs to be modified to read " if it is convenient for Lowe's".

Then it would be true. My convenience be damned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Website.

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you sound like a bawl *** whining about everything and why would you return something to a different Lowe's store than it was first purchased?


First of all you cannot control a specific persons actions or judge it off of a few people for a company that is all over the country with thousands of employees u can counteract with a rude employee at any store you walk into the sun will rise again tomorrow don't worry and customers need to not work themselves up so much about materialistic items that can easily be replaced if you didn't like a persons attitude take their name and report that person to their manager it's simple and they will be talked to and maybe they will change If not they will face the circumstances but it's such a general statement to say that associates have attitudes and are rude because the actual good employees Never get acknowledged for their hard work and they start not to care if the managers don't care then the employees will follow their lead bad managers cause for bad employees and no recognition cause for resentful employees which hurts customer service if you have a happy environment with helping people and they hire people and train them well then things would go a lot smoother customers and employees would in turn be a lot happier


Actually it depends on ur bank how long it takes to credit back if it was a debit card we can give u cash back no problem but we can't tell u the exact days it takes for u to get credited back so relax yourself


lowes ***


If it's not in their system they can't just add it in. If it's non stock to that store how do you expect it to be done? It's easier to go back to the store you bought it from


There is ZERO customer service at Lowes. I hate to tell you but Lowe's is NOT independently owned or operated.

They are a corporation ! They CAN send the item to the store that does stock the item IF they cared about their customers. Then this discussion would NOT be happening. But they do NOT care at all about their customers.

They hire some of the laziest, rudest people on the planet.

I honestly have NO idea with there lack of concern for customer satisfaction how their doors are still open. Oh and BTW thus topic was a very MINOR experience to the one I have had with Lowe's


I called to get info so I would not waste a drive. I was hung up on 5 times.

Finally I get a person, instead of their rotten voice ***, and she says, I'm busy with a customer...........what am I a piece of ***............it cost them a pretty large sale............will never deal with them again. Oh, the clerk was Laura, at the 2929 W Thunderbird, phx, az, store.......If I had EVER done that to a client I would have been fired before I could take another breath........So I totally agree with Anonymous, from Ocala, Fla

@Just not worth their time

Why do you feel you are more important than the customer than she was helping? How would you feel if you were in the store being helped and another customer stepped between you and the salesperson that was help you and the salesperson started helping that person?

Do you think your phone call was any different?

She did the right thing wanting to finish with the customer she was working with before answering your questions. Your attitude is extremely rude.


You sound like a Home Depot employee, your customer service skills (you don't have any) need to be addressed, preferably when they fire your ***!


To the dippy one chastising with no commen sense. Anyone trained properly knows one transaction at a time.

If she was dealing with a customer she shouldnt have answered the phone to help another. And using the butting in line analogy totally made u look ***. Hence how was the caller to know she was servicing someone else. The employee answering the phone put the caller in front of the customer.

Id rather that phone ring like crazy as a customer. Because i know then your busy.

Then have some rude *** hang up on me repeatedly.


The phone will get answered to keep it from sining and being a disturbance. I'll bet the person complaint was asked to hold but felt she was so important she needed immediate assistance. Her demand to be serviced before the customer already being assisted was the equivalent of butting in line.


Yes, lowes return policy sucks, i do tons of business there but don't keep all the receipts and they wont let me return… then you call for a number to get it fixed and they cant help me find the number.


Get a mylowes card and you won't need to keep reciepts


Now do not buy any book from Lowe's because it is not refundable even I have bought it less than a week and still in new condition.


you read it....no brainer no return for you


well, both lowes and home depot are great companies to me. walmart, costco, ...

all good companies.

i'm from china. impossible to return anything to any company over there


I worked for Lowes for seven years until I got burned out with retail. Yes there are bad employees and sometimes the return policies are not followed. I know when I worked the loading docks many times we took back lumber that wasn't even ours. We did it as a courtesy and knew we would resell it anyway.

I wish I had the space here to tell you how many customers tried to rip Lowes off. From a woman bringing back a window air conditioner that not only was not a Lowes model, not only did it have green mold it which indicated it was quite old but it had a bullet hole through the unit. Then there was the roofing contractor we had to stay with until he left the gate because we found out he was stealing shingles after we left him. The customer who came in with an empty trailer and left with it carrying nearly 100 2x4's when he only paid for 50. He said he had miscounted. Then of course there was the customers who would bring back lawn equipment after the summer because they claimed it didn't work anymore. They didn't want to store them over the winter and we'd see them come back the next spring to buy a new one only to return it in the next fall.

Ask anyone who has worked at a return desk or at the loading docks at Lowes and they'll tell you much the same.

Since leaving Lowes I have had zero problem returning anything, even if it wasn't in the original container. They send much of the returned merchandise to the manufacturer who refurbishes it and resell it.

You can always go higher in the supervisory chain with a problem. There will be someone who says yes instead of no.

@former Lowes employee

I am currently a Lowes employee...yes, we see it all! And I totally agree, I work returns 75% of the time, and our policy at this store is the ONLY person that can say NO to a return is the Store Manager, well he sure isnt saying NO!

AND if it isnt ours or something we dont currently sell..we *item add* it into our system for resale! No matter which store they buy it in!


trying to return a electric task force lawn mower , used it 2 1/2 times , it judt stopped working , so we are stuck with this broken mower , had it for three months , may have to take my future purchases to home depot , not even a store credit to get a new mower would have bought on the spot ?? !!!

@long gr***

go to home depot. omgosh no one cares really. trust me you won't hurt the business.