Hoover, Alabama
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Merry Christmas. We bought a very nice 6+ ft tall prelit Holiday Living tree from Lowe’s last year. Loved the tree.

This year we took it out of the box and the center section did not work.

Lowe’s said they only have a 90 day return policy so we are out of luck.

Tree was used 1 Christmas

Merry Christmas Lowes

We are about to buy a new refrigerator and a range. Will go to Home Depot

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Funny how the replies for Lowes really seem to be made by Lowes Team Members. On many of the incidents detailed here of real customer complaints that should be corrected by Lowes, you’ll then read the comments only to find snarky comebacks and belittling nonsense.

Just wait and let’s see what foolishness will follow this.

Lowes is not beyond reproach and your loyalty is only indentured servitude. Lowes cares no more of you than they do they dissatisfied customers.


What makes you think it's Lowes employees responding? There are a lot of people who aren't Lowes employees that understand the reality of business and know some customers have very unrealistic expectations.


Why even comment if you’re not experiencing a similar problem with Lowes? The site is Pissed Consumer.

In hopes to share some examples of extremely poor customer service, that could be easily remedied at a store level, people leave their comments to just be heard.

Perhaps more comments are left by those who do work in retail in general. This shouldn’t be an outlet for degrading comments to those who feel slighted by companies who have no trouble taking your money but will not do right by them , regardless of their policies.


Let me get this straight... You write a post about how the comments are written by Lowe’s team members and are “snarky and belittling nonsense”.

Then you write the most snarky and belittling comment of all. There is something wrong with you.


I thought the troubleshooting tips that Lowe’s posted below were very helpful.


Really? Are you serious?

Why is it Lowe’s fault the light section is out on a tree a year after you bought it? You need to troubleshoot the problem and fix it! You probably broke a filament when you took the tree down and packed it away! That’s nobody’s fault, especially the store.

All Christmas trees are made in China, why not call the manufacturer and complain? Some people are Ridiculous!


Troubleshooting LED Trees: LED light strings feature one piece construction, which can make troubleshooting limited. Mini light testers do not work on LED trees.

If an LED tree is not lighting, check to make sure all wires are plugged in and fuses are securely seated. An LED light tester can also be used to identify which bulb or socket is not properly functioning. Many times the main plug that goes to the outlet is not in the lowest section of the tree, which can seem confusing. Larger trees often have 2 or 3 plugs that go into the wall, so look for these if the tree does not light completely.

Each of these plugs will also have a fuse, so check to make sure they do not need to be replaced if a section of the tree is not lighting. Troubleshooting Incandescent Prelit Christmas Trees: Troubleshooting can be easier with the use of a mini light tester. If using a mini light tester, our resource page regarding Testing for Faulty Bulbs, will prove useful. Understanding the technology behind an incandescent bulb and a light string is helpful when trying to determine the cause of a bulb that won't light.

Each bulb is lit through a filament, which is contained within the bulb's glass case. "One Light Goes Out, Rest Stay Lit" is a technology that uses an internal shunt within the bulb to continue the flow of electricity throughout a light string, even if a bulb has burned out. It is important to understand that if the shunt is broken when a bulb breaks, or if it is dislodged due to a loose bulb, the flow of electricity will stop. Additionally, each mini light has two small copper wires that come out of the base of the bulb, and fold upwards on each side.

When the socket is in place and the bulb is secure, this allows for the current to continue to flow. Sometimes the copper wire may be broken or out of position, and replacing the bulb or moving the copper wires into place should remedy the problem.


Warranties on product cuts aren't provided by the store, manufacturers provide the warranty on their products. It isn't the stores fault if a product fails.

Do you think the manufacturers warranty on your appliances will be any different at Home Depot? You seem to be another consumer with unreasonable expectations of what a retail stores responsibility is.


Your loss if you go to Home Depot for appliances instead of Lowe's. Regarding the tree, Lowe's didn't make it.

They have a 90 day return policy. It is what it is.